Sunday, March 23, 2014


For the Spring and Summer season, Bench has promoted their So In Love and Sure Blue eau de toilette.
A purchase of either the So In Love women's or the men's Sure Blue eau de toilette is required to get your Lee Min Ho fan meet pass for his March 21, 2014 Fun-meet at the Araneta Coliseum.
The box is cute and pink and clearly targeted for our younger ladies in the tweens up to college age brackets.
But it doesn't mean it can't be used for everyday by women who are no longer in that age range ;-)
I needed a new pair of jeans and simply fell in love with this A-cut pleated sorta haltered dress.  at around PhP850 with lining from top to bottom and with the Bench name on it, i found the 850 price tag to be relatively inexpensive compared to its competition.  Bench jeans seem to last on me, the color, the fit, and durability, so before i go for other branded jeans or go for really cheap ones, I always check out Bench to see if they have a pair of jeans that'll suit my need.  So far, since college, they always seem to have what I need.  Because of these and the cologne, I was automatically given a patron ticket.
I always prefer the lower box because it has seats.  however since they say first exchange first enter at the venue and with the value of my purchases, i thought i may as well get myself the patron seats, right?  What I mean by first exchange is that, the ticket booths people at the Araneta will trim off the bottom of this stub then they give you an Araneta ticket to get in the venue.  yeah, medyo hassle but it's ok.  The stub itself is a keep sake.
I'm not totally sure why I've encountered people online who was unaware of Lee Min Ho's return.  I always just assumed that if people aren't near malls like I am, that they follow Bench's twitter and facebook or are in touch with people who are, that they would somehow get wind of the news of LMH's return.  But nonetheless, i think this is yet another successful campaign for Bench and this time they have a more clear cut distinction of Lee Min Ho's mall tour and the fun meet itself.  I chose to just attend the fun meet and stay at home for the weekend.  Below is my video of the fun meet.  I'm sorry if it's not complete but i tried to get the funny parts ;-)
At Araneta, Bench put up a booth where we can purchase their latest t-shirt designs, specially the Lee Min Ho collection T-shirts that, until last week, were yet to be available at the megamall branch so I got the '87 tee and a baseball shirt looking tee for the hubby ;-)  Bench also gave out posters that night.
So In Love Eau De Toilette:
  • less than 300 bucks! very affordable even for our ladies in college
  • has a fresh powdery - shower fresh scent!
  • scent is very youthful and not at all overpowering and annoying
  • so yeah hindi amoy matrona
  • pink! you guys know i love love love pink!
  • very handy so i can keep it in my bag
  • container is not thick so it isn't heavy so it contributes to its handiness 
  • atomizer used is not el-cheapo and it works and i can control the amount i spray on my neck and wrists
  • none - i highly recommend this eau de toilette to our women!  i keep saying eau de toilette to set your expectations that this is not eau de parfum.  meaning the scent is not lasting.  but at that price, eh di bumili na lang ulit pag naubos
 For me, it was a very worthwhile purchase.  I love the cologne, i love love my new dress, and I needed to retire one my blue jeans anyway so the jeans was a timely purchase.  Given that, it got me a patron pass to Lee Min Ho's fun meet!
But for those who missed out the event last Friday, you can still catch him at his mall tour, March 23 at Trinoma and Glorieta.  You just need to puchase 1k worth of items!  Your qualifier for getting the mall tour pass is you have to have either a sure blue or so in love edT in your purchase.  ;-)


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