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Here's the price n Manila folks ;-)
DISCLAIMER:  This is a new product from The Face Shop and was sent to me by The Face Shop Philippines for review.  I am not paid for these reviews and the below is my unbiased opinion.  Drop by your nearest The Face Shop branch and ask how much this is.  Sorry I forgot to ask.  Hopefully I can update this asap.
Along with the press kit they sent along a couple o cork coasters 
The product mini-magazine has a cd insert which is so cute because they made it look like the seed of the fruit.
But the below is its box.  These are now available at our local The Face Shop outlets at major malls.  I'm sorry i forgot how much it is while i was at the Trinoma branch.
The product description is below.
The ingredients are listed on the box and in English.
And the packaging.
It's a vacuum sealed container with a pump.  The product comes out as white by applies clear.
It has a very lime-y citrusy scent but albeit strong, doesn't make me sneeze nor is it irritating.  Anyone who knows me knows that i have a very sensitive nose and i can smell anything from far away right away.  So though the scent used on this product, it's neither irritating or annoying to me, it can be a cause of disturbing to some.  It's nice to apply on the neck, too.  It's not greasy and gets absorbed easily.  So it's a little perfume-y it's why i brought up that you can apply it on your neck thus you get two benefits ;-)
  • packaging - i always like these kinds of packaging, these really hygienic, vacuum sealed with pumps
  • the pump works and you can actually control how much product it dispenses
  • easy to blend out, some people may find it too dimethicone-y but i like it, the easier it blends out and absorbed by my skin the sooner i can apply something else, like makeup!  
  • moisturizing effect is lasting, lasts all day
  • did not break me out
  • mixes well with other skin care and it can stand on its own
  • available locally
NEUTRAL - i really didn't feel the calming effect, but then my skin is not really in a state of flux (meaning easily irritable) since i'm no longer in puberty.  I assume that's what the calm is for, like a caladryl type of moisturizer for irritated skin?
DISLIKES - none i can think of.  it's an honest to goodness moisturizer, good for day and night.
RECOMMENDATIONS - i recommend this for anyone and any age (so regardless of age and gender).  This actually makes me interested in their serum and toner, too!


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