Thursday, March 20, 2014


DISCLAIMER:  This brush cleaner was part of an introductory kit for being a blogger affiliate with Ellana Minerals
Above is the front of the bottle with its beautiful illustration.  It should be a little brighter but it kinda leaked during transit :-(  
Below is the product description.  It contains tea tree extracts!  So it's an antiseptic but isn't as drying as an alcohol.
And below are the list of ingredients.  The ethanol is the last on the list will have the least percentage ^_^
I no longer dip my brushes in these things.  I also do not directly spray these on my brushes either.  Even if it sprays a fine mist.
I spray it on paper towels first.
But it does the job.
does the job well it does!
It keeps my brushes smelling good for days!
I have to be honest, i have a grave mistrust on brush cleaners.  I think they are too corrosive and strips your animal hair brushes of its top keratin layer. I think the alcohol used in most brush cleaners end up making even synthetic brushes brittle and eventually break easier than when you just didn't use the brush cleaner.  For my goat hair brush, i always use my personal shampoo and whatever conditioner i am using at that month.  So I never really found any use for brush cleaners and I never actively looked for it.  I've never used brush cleaners except ones that have given to me as gifts or for blog review.  The one time i did buy a brush cleaner it destroyed my favorite brush by making it shed and shed too much it did!  So you see this is actually my third brush cleaner ever.  I think baby oil followed by shampoo or liquid hand soap (for synthetic brushes).
BUT THIS BRUSH CLEANER has brought back my faith in these things.  Meaning I will continue using this brush cleaner!
  • smells really fresh and clean!
  • cleans really well!
  • scent stays on the brush for more than two days
  • dries quickly
  • has not caused shedding to the two brushes i've used them on
  • has not caused any irritation on my skin when i use my brushes soon after my brushes has dried
  • doesn't leave a oily film on the bristles on the brush
  • a pump spray that works 
  • good quality plastic bottle.
  • reasonably priced for php400 with 120ml content - this will last a long time because it isn't a bottle of just a couple of alcohols mixed in so it won't easily evaporate. I find that to be a good purchase had I bought this.  kung may mas mura I really don't care cuz like I said hindi nga ko nabili ng mga ganito.   
DISLIKES: none comes to mind. It's available online AND their physical stores.  do  check this gentle brush cleaner out!


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