Sunday, March 2, 2014


 Here we are with color sticks, again? well, it's the thing now with lipsticks.  Yep, that's all what they are, lip sticks in a crayon looking packaging.  I like this format though.  each lipstick has a more snug fit in each tube unlike regularly packaged lipsticks.
ooops, disclaimer, i bought these while i was in Seoul last year.  I bought them with my own money and i'm not paid in cash for this review.
 I don't recall why i didn't buy a really red shade of these things when it was a buy 2 get 1 free.  But here we are.  I got an orange-y shade, an almost nude pink shade and a slightly rosy pink shade.
 The light pink shade, looks great on the swatch and in the product itself LOL
 and the bright orangey shade.  it sorta reminds me of Shu Uemura's Gangnam orange LOL
 and the nice rosy pink shade!

Of course my favorite is the rosy pink one in 07 followed by the orangey one in 12 and well, i like the light pink one the least LOL ergo the bottom lip.
  • no sharpening needed, just twist the buttom
  • no weird taste, it actually has a chocolate after taste that's kinda hard to describe
  • the argan oil in this truly does not dry out my lips
  • not sticky at all considering the balm name
  • doesn't stain my lips but doesn't eat or rub off easily either
  • doesn't bleed 
  • didn't irritate my lips or crack them
  • no weird smell
  • i got a freebie which was a third lippie LOL
  • the cap is see through so i can see what shade i'll be getting
  • the bottom is also the shade f the lipstick inside so that helps, too
  • AND online this is about only US$12.  I think I got the two for SKW18000 and get a freebie lippie since it was a buy 2 get 1 free.
NONE really, except for the fact it isn't available here yet.  But you can try kkochipda on her facebook site.  you can always try if she order this for you on special request.  
I recommend this.  I actually prefer this than the last crayon-y lip balmy lippies i reviewed here because without my snail lip balm underneath the shut up and kiss me lippies would be too sticky for my taste!  so yeah, these ones from Mamonde had me at Argan oil! :P


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