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Why i didn't buy the full size of this cc cream is my regret now.  I'm sorry GD, maybe in October when I go back to Seoul, I'd get the full size jar of this cc cream. Naturally, anytime a picture of one of the big named k-pop idol endorses a brand, my eyes just open right up and grab the product he endorses!  Thank goodness the nice lady at lotte world duty free mall at Myeongdong gave me enough sachets of this cc cream to give it a fair enough review!
So they say it's infused with the ingredient that made one of their other products really popular, the black pearl, you know like captain jack sparrow? 
k, fine, black pearl in the cc cream
behold its dispensing mechanism, you push it down and the cream squirts out from the middle.
and my pictures below.
so it's like my laneige cc cream, it actually smells like my laneige cc cream, too.  so no unlike the tony moly cc cream, the nature republic cc cream, or the face shop capsule cc cream (the one i donN'T have) this cc cream from theSaem does NOT have those pigment capsules.  it is what it is, a cream with some pigment.
it has a finish like the laneige cc cream, so it's between dewy and airbrushed.
Product description:
The Saem GEM MIRACLE Black Pearl O2 CC Cream SPF50/PA+++ is an all-in-one color control oxygen aura cream with dual functions of skincare and makeup.
  • Skin purification effect of black mineral
  • Hydro-volume splash effect
  • Revitalizing radiance orient pearl formula
how to use it
Apply an appropriate amount to the entire face, and gently pat to enhance absorption into the skin. 
Black Pearl, Niacin Amide, Adenosine
country of origin
suitable for
all skin type

From listQoo10
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::Product Description::
All-in-one color control cream
aura oxygen triple functionality
Parabens, dyes, mineral oil, Teruku, benzophenone,
PC, triethanolamine free formulations.
10 in1 Effect in one cream.
One-line color control cream of Au at a time
to solve moisture, whitening, wrinkles, glossy,
moisturizing, nutrition, radiance, tone correction,
correction connection, the ultraviolet care.
Skin care in the dual effect of My College de capsule 
- color and moisturizer force moisturizing excellent
that contains the Orient Pearl formula rich in mineral
and black pearls Tahiti to clarify
the skin aura glowing healthy
full animation simultaneously solve and make-up.
① Tahitian Black Pearl
Purification: the glossy glowing skin
and clear skin health mineral gem mineral and amino acid,
20 kinds of calcium,
and contain various biologically active substances.
② Black Marine Source
: Black marine source consisting of mineral Marimu,
in Polynesian lagoon water and seaweed complex
and will protect the skin from environmental, grant gloss.
③ Tiare Flower
: Better than neutralizing toxic and sedative effects
of other plants are used for decoration
and welcome ceremony is considered the jewel
of the representative flower of Tahiti.
 ④ Manu other oil
Plants: Typical Skin Protection
⑤ Noniekisu
: Containing many minerals for the specificity
of the habitat that grows in volcanic soil.
Helps antioxidant, promotes collagen synthesis
⑥ oxygen
Oxygen: oxy Jai Xu, dissolved oxygen clean oxygen
rich suppressed active oxygen(Oxygen content
of 3000% or more mineral water than the general).

::How to Use::
Extended to the entire face painted by pumping
the appropriate amount to the last step skin care,
It painted stretch to rub lightly along the skin texture
of the cream in smart color capsule so
that the uniformly painted.

As always half of my face with the cc cream and the other half with no other product except for skin care.
Below is a shot of my face with the flash on my camera turned on. so with that SPF50 and PA+++ it is quite reflective.
yep, quite reflective, and therefore don't take photos with the flash on while wearing this cc cream! hahaha
but it looks quite normal when the flash is not turned on!

  • the scent, i love this scent!  it's very mild yet quite fragrant, a little flowery but not overpowering
  • the consistency, it's not too watery or too thick, it's just right for proper blending
  • the finish, i like the pearlesque finish, not too dewy, not matte but a nice in-between
  • this cc cream is a little more lasting on my face than the laneige cc cream
  • has a little better pore coverage than the laneige cc cream meaning this has way more coverage than the tony moly luminous aura cc cream
  • has packaging and pump that i like
  • has not broken me out
  • does not irritate my skin
  • lasting with good oil control, i only have to blot the oil from my nose once a day
  • does not oxidize on my skin
  • does not change the color of my blush make it muddy looking 
  • not as expensive as the laneige cc cream, this is less than us$20 online
  • has spf50 and pa+++ so good sun protection!
  • it's reflective but that's the price you pay for good sun protection!
  • not available locally in the Philippnes
I really like this cc cream and i like the fact that you have a less expensive alternative to my beloved! LOL
Check with Kkochipida - Korean Cosmetics for Less for her price on this wonderful cc cream, because this summer you deserve beautiful skin that can breathe and be protected from the sun!


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