Sunday, March 16, 2014


 I got an invitation to the preview the Spring and Summer collection for 2014 of Plains and Prints.  Summer has definitely arrived for the brands AND on this blog!  Plains and Prints has several collections, each collection has a theme.  Below is one of the Art Nouveau 
 I'm loving the bright orange and sky blue.  it's not loud or tacky which is always my fear about prints but this is neither.  It has clean lines and the cut of the dress allows women who isn't as fit as Anne Curtis to mask their love handles just a little bit :-D
 Since the recent red carpet events for the award seasons last January and February, we saw how this kind of blue was used all over the place.  The green belt breaks your stare with a summer flare!
 Check out the detail of the torso area :-)
 A two piece maxi 'dress'  it's meant to be a maxi dress, BUT
 the print of the blouse is so lovely that it deserves to be paired with khaki capris, a pale orange pair of shorts or to dress it down even further, a pair of blue jeans!
 My hubby loved the dress below best, he liked the art deco geometric prints, i may come back for this as it is more age appropriate for me, at least LOL.
 i like the blue and orange, don't you?
 and a splash of green...i'm not a fan of the stockings up on my décolletage area.  and it's a recurring theme, too in some of their clothes, too.
 but my purchase went to this dainty stepford wife number from the Saint-Tropez collection! hahaha
 For participating in this preview last day is March 16 at Trinoma, Plains and Prints wrapped each purchase in their box and added a couple of cream silk conditioner sachets for hair strength ^_^
 You can shot online if malls are too far away from you.  check out this new collection on their website and their sns!
DISCLAIMER:  I am not paid in cash or clothes for these articles.  Plains and Prints gave me an open opportunity to feature them every so often on my blog.


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