Tuesday, April 1, 2014


There are days when I get an invitation when everything is just right.  Joining the fine ladies and gents behind the Calvin Klein, Davidoff, Chloe, and Marc Jacobs Fragrances and the people behind Philosophy was one of those days.
I got reintroduced to the iconic fragrance brands.  Calvin Klein's Eternity and CK One.  Both brands are celebrating their milestones! This year Eternity will be celebrating their 25th year!  A limited edition silver Eternity will be released this April or May.  While CK One will also be celebrating its 20 years of being our one perfume that we can share!
I was unfamiliar with fragrances, to be honest.  Not that i wear johnson's baby cologne, the blue one because  I don't even wear that!  I only purchased my current cologne because it was a requirement to get a fan meet pass ^_^ Even my deodorant is the unscented one.  But thanks to this event, I was introduced to the Marc Jacob fragrances.
Aren't the bottles pretty?
This is the honey!  yes, those petals represent bees ;-)
and the night time daisy, the hot pink.
During this event, we were also introduced to the new line of Philosophy skin care, the Brighten My Day skin lotion.  This acts like a skin finisher which is very much like a toner. So you use a cotton ball or a cotton square to apply and it on your skin and to wipe it off.
To give your skin its extra ummphh through out the day, we now have the brighten your day serum.
At night though we can rest with our hopes in a jar!
These night creams are simply glorious on the face specially if your skin is kept in airconditioned offices and rooms.
 And now we can try to slow time down with Vitamin C!
Great coffee, great loot!  I really like Marc Jacobs' scents.  They are very mild and the type that I like.  Even the evening Marc Jacobs' hot pink which is supposed to be strong is quite mild and not overpowering at all.  So I won't get a head ache with his perfumes!
And great intimate company!  Yes, it was one of those days when everything was just right.  The venue was walking distance from the office.  I took my lunch break to get away from the stress of our daily grind.  I got to smell wonderful fragrances and opened my eyes to hope in a jar.  To top it off i got to chat it up with some of my blogger mates.
Thank you for giving me one of those days that brightened me up mystically.
The above products will be in stores this April and May as part of the 25th and 20th year celebration of Calvin Klein's Eternity and CK One.  While Chloe's new perfumes will be in stores by May and June.  
Philosophy's Brighten My Day and Time Stopping Vitamin C should already be in stores! So check it out! it's going to be a bright summer!


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