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How's your weekend so far?  mine's pretty restful and quiet!  I hope you peeps enjoyed the peace and tranquility during the many pacquiao fight.  talagang tahimik sa daan pag may fight sya hahaha.  glued ang karamihan sa tv / computer nila hahaha.
Well it was a perfect chance for me to get some good morning rest and got some blogging done!  
This week i've been using this beautiful baby!  If you could recall, I went to the Colour Collection Hot Hues Event that launched their latest lip colors for their ultimate wear collection line.  Anyone who stayed til the end of the event got to take home WHATEVER item that was in front of them.  So yeah, i got to bring this little baby home.  So I have no idea home much this is? I've no idea if this comes in a box, I have no idea how to approach a Tupperware lady to order this.  I just know this exists and should you be able to grab hold of a Tupperware lady, i'm hoping this blush will be their catalog.  So yeah, no ingredient list either, at least not from me.
This is such a pretty blush for someone with my complexion
it's very much like the blush i posted last year! I posted about the lavender blush from Too Cool For School [Blossom Lavender]  with that post I posted what these brands are trying to achieve from their high end counterparts such as Mac [in joyful of blush] and Chanel's [in ultra rose powder]
 The below are swatches of the blush on the back of my hand, so depending on the light, it can be more pink or more lilac.
i like how the light plays on it as it is a satin finish and yep, depending on the light, it can either give me a lilac iridescence to a pinky blush hue.
So it makes my skin looks natural and not like a clown with too much blush
and similar to my Blossom Lavender it has a mirror that is cleverly placed!
  • niftily placed mirror at the back or bottom
  • pigmented enough
  • not chalky at all
  • that means it spreads well and evenly
  • doesn't have a scent so it shouldn't bother people sensitive to scents on makeup
  • doesn't break me out or give me new millia or black/white heads
  • doesn't clog my pores
  • DOES NOT oxidize on my skin ... wow a non-Korean/Japanese brand that  doesn't oxidize on my skin! wonders never cease LOL
  • kinda absorbs the oil, kinda so its oil control is about 2-2.5/5 [1 = no oil control, 5 almost no need to blot out oil from your cheeks]
  • doesn't cake up through out the day
  • i love love love shades like these, they just do my complexion, well, ya know?
  • compact packaging, not bulky 
  • this is probably cheap, but i wouldn't know their website is not updated and their
  • nothing really, i'm sure this thing is cheap because Colour Collection products are not expensive
Final Thoughts:  
so here's the thing, unless the avon lady, the tupperware lady, the natasha, the whatever lady is actually in my office, this is something that will be hard for me to buy or repurchase.  
I DO NOT LIKE buying things at online stores, unless the owner of the online store is reachable to me by text like Kkocipida and Fangirl Asia. Or unless you're and you're the only place that i can get an item from at a reasonable place, then no i don't buy stuff online anymore.   
I work right next to a mall, a place where the jingle says, they've got it all for me.  So if I can find a dupe of this blush at the mall i work at then it's way more convenient for me to get it at sm na lang than order, then wait to get the product i want.  
Sure, i get the business model to help the direct selling people get their 'commissions' but if i can get it somewhere else at a faster, more convenient way and with a credit card, then yes, i go for the mall provided product instead.
Finally, i don't get why their website doesn't even have this blush there yet. The items that aren't on their website yet include the new lip shades on their ultimate wear collection that was featured on their launch recently. 
check out my screen shot with time and date stamp, oh well, papel.  i'm hopeful this blush and the ultimate wear collection is on their catalogs na.

I leave the decision to you.  Like i said you don't have to be like me.  If you don't work near a mall, if you know a Tupperware lady then by all means purchase this product, it's so pretty and it will make you look pretty, too!


Traveliztera said...

I like the shade and it looks good on you! :D


Marge said...

thanks, Steph ^_^

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