Saturday, April 26, 2014

EYE LINER OF THE WEEK: ETUDE HOUSE Slim & Long Sharp Liner 1.5mm

The is PhP398 at any Etude House branch in the city.
The 1.5mm diameter point got my attention real quick!
I've no caliper but it really is quite a tiny point huh?
Description is below.
While the ingredients are below
it writes pretty well, quite similar to a kohl liner only stiffer
i can tell you though that it's really water proof
as in really waterproof and i did run my fingers along these wet characters and the writing didn't smudge off or smear off in flakes.
here's my scary eye without any product
and here it is with the liner used to 'tight-line'
my right eye without any product
and the liner used just as basic liner, closest to the lash line
So here's the thing it's not a kohl liner. It's not like a kohl liner that i reviewed here once. It's a regular liner that works real well as a tight lining pencil.
  • firm, not too stiff not too soft that i need to put in the ref.
  • it's really really black
  • it's really really waterproof
  • it's smudge proof 
  • it's smear proof
  • very handy
  • no weird scent
  • didn't irriate my eyes like make my eyes red or give me a stye or anything
  • but it's easy enough to remove with their eraser show eye remover wipes ;-)
  • cute packaging 
  • no need for sharpening, just twist it so the lead will go up.
  • the price, i was a tad surprised it's more than 300 bucks LOL 
  • i have difficulty using this on my lash line, it doesn't make a solid line because my lash line skin is bumpy, everyone's is.  I'm really more of a liquid or gel liner person.  
WARNING: don't push up the lead too far up like, as in, push up the lead to a tip that you're going to use only.  it can break if the lead is exposed to far out.


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