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DISCLAIMER:  I bought this with my own money.  We have an Avon girl at the office where we can purchase Avon products from.  This 18 gram tube is PhP329 pesos at the time I purchased it which was a couple of weeks ago.
I've been using this for over a week now and I guess it's time for me to give my verdict o this 'cc cream'
The ingredients are below.
It's packaged like a bb cream in a hygienic upside down tube. And the product looks like this
it has a tad iridescent satin finish.
Below is a picture of the product applied on half of my face and with the flash off on my cam.
and below is a picture of myself still with just half of my face with cc cream this time with the flash on
the finished look.
my readers know that i've been reviewing cc creams since they became such a fad in the country. But i mostly review Korean CC creams as the product did originate from Korea.  Check out my collage below:
Most of the cc creams i have tried come out white or off white from their containers.  Once blended it just give me a veiled look.  Then I can finish it with a little foundation or a finishing powder with some coverage.
This CC cream from Avon looks more like one of the cc creams from the face shop.  None the less, The face shop also has a cc cream that has the beads of pigment and is truer to what most cc creams are.
Having compared Avon's Skin Goodness CC cream with the rest of what i've tried, well, here's my list of likes and dislikes.
  • the baby powder scent 
  • the fact that it's midway between being watery dimethicone-y so it's easy enough to blend without it feeling heavy on the skin so it's great now that it's summer
  • spf 50 pa +++ 
  • but not as reflective as other bb or cc creams
  • it has a satin finish that's closer to a matte finish, so it's a matte but not flat finish
  • has coverage, about light to medium coverage
  • it covers my pores well
  • it doesn't break me out, so it doesn't cause me zits or give me millia
  • it's good for all skin types i have normal to oily while my office mate has normal to dry and she likes it, too
  • has some oil control about 2.5/5 [1 being almost no oil control while 5 is almost no blotting of you t-zone the entire day]
  • has two shades and this one suits me just fine, i have it in AB03 light
  • packaging is hygienic enough and is handy so i can bring it around in my bag and it isn't bulky to bring
  • doesn't really cake up throughout the day
  • it's pretty lasting, too
  • it isn't difficult to remove at the end of the day
  • call a spade a spade, if it's on the watery side, has good coverage and lasts all day, then it's a foundation with a good glow no more no less.
  • PHP329 at 18g i think it's a tad too pricey for something like this considering its competition can be purchased at the nearest mall for product in its contents [though i do get why Avon products are expensive that way, it's to promote the business of the Avon-person and the it's business plan / model. 
THOUGHTS:  I actually like this foundation, it claims to have spf50 with pa+++ so we'll go with that, but it's not as reflective as something with that kind of sun protection. i actually like the finish.  it's very natural and it keeps me from looking like a zombie.  
RECOMMENDATIONS:  I actually recommend this to our young girls.  It's not that expensive, it has a high sun protection, and it looks very natural and doesn't look fake or cakey.  Isn't that what most pinays keep on pushing for? a look that their guys will like? yung mukhang walang makeup gaya ng mga nanay nila? phffftt


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