Sunday, April 6, 2014


I'd just like to say that i'm quite lazy in removing makeup. In fact I quite dislike really colorful harsh looking makeup.  not that i dislike the whole looking different and all that, what I really dislike about really bold colorful makeup is the clean up at the end of the day.  This is why i keep buying these makeup remover wipes LOL. This PhP378 which i purchased with my own money.
It's in a sachet but it has a plastic firm mold to hold in 40 leaves of the cleansing wipes.  that way something firm holds up the leaves you have left inside and you don't squeeze out the juice of the cleanser in case you put these under a book or something heavy or a bag.
the ingredients are in English.  even the instructions on how to use are in English, too!  So you get instructions on how to remove your eyes! hahaha
It's smaller than your usual makeup remover wipe but it is after all, only for the eyes.
here's a little before
and upon removal
and after
  • the scent, you guys know i'm a sucker for a good mild kinda fruity scent
  • not too oily
  • doesn't leave a greasy feel or film on my eye
  • doesn't sting my eye
  • cleans well enough
  • doesn't irritate my skin
  • the size is actually enough for my entire face hahaha
  • which means it's good for removing long wearing makeup like the revlon colorstay foundation or the bb cushions 
  • isn't too wet or drenched so it doesn't drip while you're using this product which is such a plus for me
  • the quality of the paper is really really good, too!  it's pretty thick yet quite soft.  so the fact that it's thick 
  • it says it has argan oil so that's a bonus ;-)
  • none, as in really, none.
I mean it does the job, it cleans my makeup off of my face which buys me time to do whatever i want like blogging.  Cleaning my face doesn't keep me up all night just to do and it doesn't break me out.  

So how lazy are you?  Are these cleansing wipes helpful to you as they are to me?


Kat P said...

Is it better than The Face Shop's Herb Day Cleansing Wipes?? Thanks! :)

Marge said...

this has thicker sheets but not too thick that would make it difficult to wipe around the eyes.

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