Thursday, April 10, 2014


It's been a while since I wrote about mascaras huh?  Well, I finally broke out my Tony Moly Simply Style Slim Mascara Curling.  This is PhP198 at any Tony Moly stores and online.
The brush applicator is your classic mascara applicator
The difference is, this one is quite thin and finer (mas pino) compared to other brush applicators like these
yes, the lashes from a very old mascara review, well, you guessed it, my lashes
My lashes are basically the same this year, below are pictures of my lashes curled but still really sparse and thin and really short!
and below are shots of my lashes after a few coats of this mascara.
pede, pede! hehehe
The Low Down:
  •  super handy because of it's thin short tube
  • really thin and fine brush applicator  I think it can coat all of my really thin and sparse 
  • no weird scent
  • not too sticky
  • really light on my lashes
  • lengthens my lashes well enough without making me look like i have spider legs for lashes 
  • not clumpy
  • doesn't flake off
  • doesn't smear off
  • it's easy to remove at the end of the day
  • doesn't irritate my eyes
  • didn't give me a stye or any infection after using this product for more than a week 
  • really quite cheap, i mean c'mon, less than php200!
  •  it says it's a curling mascara, but it really isn't.  you know you've applied a curling mascara when you actually feel your lashes curl up.  this is the chemical reaction of the formula in the mascara on your lashes.  it kinda feels stretchy on the roots of your lashes.  so no i don't get that with this mascara.
  •  doesn't keep the curl.  ah well, it's only 200 bucks, cheaper than most mascaras considering it's imported
Finally thoughts.  I recommend this to our teens.  Frankly, for all of my likes, the two dislikes i have is something i can live with.  And something  our teens and college girls can live with, too.  I like how it makes me look like I actually have lashes.  So this, bb cream, blush and this on my lashes, and of course some lip gloss and i'm all set and not look like a zombie!  I recommend this to our young ladies looking to just have some enhancement to their lahses ;-)

DISCLAIMER:  This was a Christmas gift given by Tony Moly Philippines.  I am not paid in cash for these reviews.


Pauline Reyes said...

The packaging is so cute! I love hello kitty too! XD

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