Sunday, May 11, 2014


My guilty pleasure, apart from Eli?  It's Lunasol.  Lunasol by Kanebo.  People will say, it's too expensive, well Japanese products have always been pricier so it's nothing to stress over, either you buy or you don't.  People say it's too shimmer-y well, all I say to that is, I think I'm doing the right thing when I get complimented on my 'shimmer-y shadows' by makeup artists to Hollywood stars, Jefferey Tasker and that I get more compliments that I look fresh and youthful when I wear Lunasol, and other Japanese branded face makeup i.e bb creams or foundations.
So, my guilty pleasure apart from Eli is definitely Lunasol, their foundations, their blushes and their shadows.  
The below blush included!  My husband bought me this at the Lotte Duty Free at Myeongdong so we got this at quite a substantial discount from the Y Yen price you see below.
In real life it looks like this, sorta coral-ly pink but more natural looking than say, the ever popular orgasm
but under fluorescent lighting it ended up looking like this, quite a cool pink.
Swatched under fluorescent and normal daylight. It's a bright pink but on the warmer side.
 The brush is pretty awesome, too!

The hairs used is realy really soft!
The blush is very natural looking in daylight or under fluorescent lighting.
That doesn't make me look like a clown.
I'm IN LOVE with this blush, it's a notch higher than Shu's Sweet Pink.  This light pink 01 from Lunasol just compliments my skin and it's fool proof, too! It's pigmented, sure, but it doesn't make me look like a clown.
  • the signature sleek and simple Lunasol packaging, lakas maka feeling alta!
  • provides a good gradient and each color is equitably divided than each part sharing an equal third portion (1/3) of the size of the pallet.  
  • a good sized mirror in the compact 
  • the brush provided is pretty fantastic
  • the shimmer is not too ostentatious as always with Japanese and Korean blushes, it's just right.
  • the shimmer does not accent my pores or fine lines
  • the shimmer isn't clumpy and spreads evenly and thinly so you can decide how much shimmer you want on your face
  • the pink is midway between warm and cool which is very complimentary to my skin shade
  • it has no weird scent
  • does not break me out
  • does not oxidize on me unlike the Nars blushes that do oxidize on me
  • pretty lasting on my skin considering the humidity and summer heat wave we've been experiencing since i've been road testing this
none at all, at Y2500 which is about PhP1k is not a bad price for a wonderful blush with a high end name.


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