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This is one of Etude House's latest lip products.  I was fortunate enough to be given shades RD01 and PK002.
The label is clearly marked for you to see the shade you're grabbing for.  The color of the bottle the product is in also tells you what shade you're going get.
and the funny engrish continues
You're given instructions on how to use.  But no ingredient list though :-(

Product Description from

No more heavy lipsticks!
New and unique colors with surprisingly light fit!

These new Magic Water Lipsticks work like lipsticks, have lightness of tints, and settle like primer.

Revolutionary Airy Fit Texture gives light but vivid color lips.
Instead of heavy wax, it contains light silicon oil and powder to express new stylish definition.
Just one stroke can express clear, vivid color full of color pigments.
You will even forget you are wearing a lipcolor.
It really is very light and watery to blend but but dries and spreads easily like a primer
The below are my lips. The RD01 is vividly and visibly red but on the blue side
While the PK002 is a  cool pink.
You may recall I reviewed the Etude House Rose Tint Lips #1.  If you do recall that post then you may recall that I actually enjoyed that product.  It was smooth and easy to apply and the color stay and stayed and stayed on my lips but didn't really crack my lips.  It smelled really nice, too.  Well, this lips fit is actually more or less the same with a little more of spreadability but less on staining.  Well it stains but not as much as the Etude House Rose Tint Lips
  • really vivid shades, 7 shades ranging from beige nude to what you see above, the RD01
  • really compact packaging but packs the wallop in pigmentation 
  • a little product goes a long way
  • while a little product gives a muted stained lip 
  • while layering the product gives a really vivid and full lips that you see in my pictures of my lips
  • does not bleed
  • almost no transfers
  • is frankly not drying
  • does not crack my lips
  • didn't irritate my lips
  • smells really really nice fruity kinda bubble gum-mey 
  • easy enough to remove with lip remover :-P 
  • bottles allow you to know what shade you're grabbing
  • it makes the lines and cracks on your lips really REALLY obvious.  the PK002 and the cool colors do more than the dark shades.
  •  the dip applicator, I actually prefer the silly packaging of the Etude House Rose Tint Lips. at least with that I can was the cotton tip or just not use it at all because you can remove that and get to the product out of the squeazy tube which is to say if you use the dip applicator on this lips fit on your lips then you get your DNA, your lips and saliva on the applicator and back into your product soooo don't just use something else.
So the Nyx matte lip creams are cheaper than the color lips fit as the color lips fit is PhP498 each but if you read any of my nyx lip cream comparative reviews you'd know I enjoyed the Korean lippies more than the NYX which did nothing but dry out my lips and was only pretty for the first hour of wearing it.  While the color lips fit stayed the way it looks after application even if hours has passed.  I recommend that you buy the darker shades, those do not make the lines and cracks of your lips too visible.


jhessicaRecto said...

i like the color of rd01, meron din akong nyx matte lipcream grabe maka dry ng lips ang o.a lng haha

Marge said...

true i like the rd01 more than the pk002. i think the pk003 is warmer i'll get that next sweldo LOL.
hemehgehd yang nyx na yan. ang dami dami kong nabili na nyx all of them dried out and cracked my lips except for the black label one na nyx. it was then that i swore off mga uso uso sa bloggers. i blog what i feel like when i feel like it.
may kumembular pa ng tweet or blog post na don't blame the lip product right away, make sure daw well hydrated ka blah blah hahaha loob loob ko ah eh ba't naman pag ibang brand di nagkacrack lips ko hahahah

Charmaine said...

Lovely detailed review!
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xx Charmaine

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