Thursday, May 8, 2014


Hey I'm back! Apparently y'all really dig my reviews on bb and cc creams so here's one more ;-)  This time it's from our playful and princess-y Etude House.  This is PhP998 at Etude House Philippines and is already available at your nearest Etude House branch.
I think there are two shades because this one given me for review is N02 Light Beige The other shade is W13 Natural Beige.
This comes with SPF33 and PA of ++

The below information is in Hangul but
this is what I got off the web:
The ingredients are below.
It's dispensed in from a pump.  Sadly, this pump is not best pump i've come across.  The lid feels like a thin plastic and the spring that bends inside the pump feels thin and flimsy.
This is how it swatches and the light beige suits my coloring.
See, in either light, it matches my skin well.
like I said without flash, it looks fine, but with the flash on, this, too, is quite reflective.
 good thing i don't have the flash all the time, huh? LOL
  • very pretty packaging, very girly wouldn't you say? not princess-y but classy conservative type design
  • hygienic dispensation of the product because it comes out in a pump
  • very smooth, it feels like lotion
  • not watery but not too thick
  • isn't cakey even after i walk in the hot sun for a little bit, so this doesn't easily melt off
  • doesn't rub off easily onto the rims of my glasses
  • doesn't feel heavy on the skin
  • doesn't end up like puddles of foundation on my pores even when i use a brush with this, but of course it applies when applied with fingers
  • doesn't break me out
  • pretty easy to remove
  • shade match is pretty good
  • does not oxidize
  • coverage is medium
  • the scent used is very pleasant as well not too perfume-y
  • oil control is pretty low, 1.5-2 out of 5.  I would feel my nose get oily in about 3 hours
  • the pump is pretty flimsy and could be more substantial
NEUTRAL - not the usual cc cream i'm used to.  i'm used to cc creams that come out of the pump as white and have beads of pigment ;-)

As it is MOISTFULL and COLLAGEN enriched, i do recommend this to men and women with much drier skins.  I have dry skin actually but more on normal.  I do warn people against the word collagen plastered on a product.  It just doesn't go through the layers of skin like that.  So if you do believe that this product makes your skin look better, softer and with less wrinkles, it IS everything else in the product that made your skin this way and not the collagen.  Collagen is just way too big for our skin, the horny, stratum corneum, to absorb.


Zoe Cayetano said...

Your skin is flawless! I have a slightly dry skin, so I want to dry this :)


Marge said...

thanks ^_^

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