Sunday, May 18, 2014


I've had this big wonderful thing since Hayan Cosmetics Philippines gave this to me.  Now that it's almost finished I thought of finally writing about it.  The product description is below.
While the rest of its description with ingredients is below and written in English.  I love the fact that it has a three (3) year shelf life unopened and 1 year once opened. 
Like most lotions this one is white.  This one though is creamier than most.
For all its creaminess, it does not leave an oily residue on your skin.  The lotion does gets absorbed right away.
Why I am I writing about something that's normally more difficult to come by unless you're near the malls where their kiosks are located?  Because I and my office mates love this lotion A LOT! hahaha yep, at one time this became the office lotion for about a couple of weeks! Men and women alike like this lotion.
  • the scent, we are over the moon for the scent used on this lotion, we just LOVE LOVE the scent.  though it says oat and olive it really smells more like melons with a twist of mango, not over powering at tall.  It's mild yet quite fragrant
  • scent used is good for unisex
  • very creamy but not too heavy on the skin
  • very moisturizing
  • but not greasy
  • does not leave an oily greasy residue once applied
  • isn't hot on the skin
  • moisturizing effect is lasting
  • the three year shelf life unopened.  you can hoard this and not think about it for a long time [unopened]
  • the pump/spout - for something this thick they gave the spout a wide girth which is helpful BUT is not wasteful
  • none that i can think of apart from the fact that Hayan Korean Cosmetics can only be found in malls that are out of the way for me [which is not the products fault anymore]
I definitely recommend this lotion to women who are scent / fragrance sensitive.  The scent used on this lotion is very mild that even men can use without smelling like a girl.  Do inquire with Hayan Korean Cosmetics Philippines how much this is here, i'm pretty sure it's relatively inexpensive considering it's after all 300ml ^_^


Aiden Bulay said...

until when po magend ung introductory price nila? is it ongoing until now? thanks po :)

SPICED PH said...

Hello! We just opened SpicedPH, an online shop carrying beauty products from top Korean brands like Innisfree, Banila Co, 3 Concept Eyes, and more! You can check our Facebook account ( or Instagram (@spicedph) to see all our products and their respective prices. All items are on-hand as well, so your order is shipped 1-2 days after payment. :)

Marge said...

ay di ko lang po alam, di nila ko ni-a-update sa ganyan ^_^

grechelle joy reyes said...

hi! the introductory price will last until june 30,2014. :)

Marge said...

thanks for the info ^_^

trish said...

hi where can i contact charmaine santos?

Marge said...

Her face book is kkochipida

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