Monday, May 26, 2014


I've been itching to write about this product for a while now.  I have to tell you it wasn't love at first wipe.  And I've actually had this in my stash for quite a while now.  Thank heavens for the individual packaging!  Check out the product description below:
The directions are below in case you forget how to use wet wipes.  And te ingredients are below, too.
Each sachet has a little slit so the top can easily be torn off.
Each sachet comes with 2 sheets of wipes because, after all, we have two eyes, the left and the right! hahaha yung may third eye, well keep your gift to yourself LOL
so i used really waterproof products on my eyes to test this out.
and voilà all that crud is on the tissue.
and to further demonstrate.  i wrote on the back on my hand using my current eye liner and lips fit.  as you an see the back of my hand is clean and clear! LOL and yeah! i used the other leaf for the rest of my face for long wearing foundation and lip staining products.
and well my skin is so clean that you can almost see through it and see my red veins and my eyes are ready for bed!
Now I did say, it was love at first site.  I think it was really really humid when i first used this and found it completely oily and gooey!  But now that i'm using this again to remove a really really difficult to remove mascara I am now appreciating how slimy this thing is.  it really does remove water proof eye products and long wearing face products and lip sticks.
The Good:
  • individually wrapped in sachets - so unlike other makeup remover wipes or wet wipes in general you get a box of 10 sachets with two wet tissues inside that way the rest of the tissues don't dry out in case you suddenly stop using them
  • the scent, it's mild and smells like grass, i kinda like it
  • really works well in removing tough to remove makeup
  • doesn't irritate my skin
  • does not flake off the mascara i am removing from my lashes [or doesn't flake off the eye liner i'm trying to remove] it just removes it like thick ink that doesn't ooze into my eyes.
  • doesn't sting
  • doen't break me out
  • as you can see it cleans really but doesn't leave my skin dry
  • really great for travel
  • it's good for the entire face so not just the eyes
  • readily available in malls where the face shop stores can be found
The Bad:
  • can really be slimey and can put you off
I recommend this to people with really really dry skin.  you would appreciate how moisturizing this is apfter it has removed your makeup.  I also recommend this to people who love to travel.  This will really come in handy.  Though given the country you will visit, you may or may not wash this off.  Just use a toner and go to bed!  yes, i can be that lazy lol


Zoe Cayetano said...

Oh wow! I need this in my life. I use waterproof products religiously, so removing them can be quite a hassle for me. Thank you so much for sharing this! xx


Marge said...

you're welcome ^_^

Darren Miller said...

All my wrinkles were gone when i start using My skin is healed and now free of acne. Vitamin b3 is truly a miracle.

Matromao said...

I didn't even know this existed. Galing ng individually wrapped. Pang travel talaga. :)

Marge said...

true, pang travel di ba? ;-)

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