Tuesday, May 13, 2014


What it is:
A purifying cleanser that contains micro-granules, for a gentle exfoliating effect. Lathers quickly into a rich foam, to remove harmful excess sebum and impurities without stripping away skin’s essential moisture.
Category: skincare
Full size: 125 ml
Price: PHP 1,495

If you read my review of the Ibuki skin care line, you'd know that i wasn't the happiest person with that line.  Apparently I was applying the softening concentrate lotion.  Anyone who uses this should wipe it off pala hahaha.  Some swear by the lotion as actually a thing to remove spots like what the Ibuki line allowed my skin to have? man, i don't know it must've been a bad skin month for me when I tried the Ibuki skin care line. 
HOWEVER, I truly am glad I saved the Ibuki Purifying cleanser for last. 
Please click on the picture above and below.  You will see that in the product description it has micro granules.
The ingredients are below.
It comes out from a wide mouthed opening at the end of a squeeze tube.
I took out all my stuff that are difficult to remove products and wrote stuff at the back of my hand.  So sorry the granules are hard to see.  But I do assure you that they are they and each dollop of this gives the end user a substantial amount of granules.  These granules are not too small and not too big.  They don't disintegrate in the middle of your fingers but are not too big to be painful while you rub.
The foam that this lathers up feels very smooth BUT rinses off really well without any oily residue.
AND it actually removes hard to long wearing products and stains from my skin in a jiffy! it leaves my skin squeaky clean!
  • yeah, i'm predictable, the SCENT - though i recall mentioning this for the Ibuki skin care line as well.  It just smells good and not overpowering 
  • the 'micro' granules they just don't disintegrate at all
  • it removes the LONG WEARING and stains very easily! 
  • no oily residue after rinsing
  • does not break me out
  • not drying to my skin despite how well it cleans off any dirt or grime from my skin
  • the packaging, plain and simple and it dispenses the product efficiently
  • flip cap rather than have a screw cap, makes things so much more convenient
  • available in most major malls in the metro
you'd think that i'd mention the price.  well, here's the thing about Japanese products, I've long accepted the fact that Japanese products are far more expensive than western brands or even Korean brands.  But  I think your PhP1495 will go a very long way. I've been using this over two weeks and I've only begun to make a dent in it. LOL


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