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A base - applied prior to foundation or bb cream.  Although, I didn't apply any foundation or bb cream on top of these bases when road tested these.
And here it is! My review of the of the famous Etude House Magic Any Cushion.  I am fortunate enough to have received two of the variants this season's iteration of Etude House's Any Cushion.  I have the Magic Mint and the Magic Peach. 
 Appropriately packed in a minty and peach color coded packaging.
 The ingredients an instructions are below
 There's hardly any difference of what the two liquids look like upon and prior to application.  But once blended you should see how one is mint and one is fleshy pink, peach.
And like the other cushion products I've reviewed, this, too, is refillable. Just push ;-) refillables are available in manila, too.
I used the peach the first week.  Below are my picture findings.  So what peach tinted any cushion is supposed to take care of dullness which is what i have.  as you can see on the left part of my face without product.
 While a week later, i used the mint variant.  the mint or green is supposed to counteract any redness you have your skin such as around your eyes, nose, and lips.
 Below is a pic with me using the peach but with complete with the rest o my makeup.
 and a week later, the mint with the rest of my makeup on.
I must confess though that I could not complete the usual 5-6 days use of the peach because after three days of using the peach,  I got a couple of pimples.  yep, not 1 but two, as in a couple. I'm not sure if i was pms-ing or it was the product.  But i didn't get any zits using the mint one.  so if they have same ingredients just a different color, then i must have been hormonal.
LIKES on both products.
  •  packaging, really cute but as I'm a fan of this packaging, really good for travel because it's compact, and a compact with mirror.
  • the scent, i like the scent used, it's the same as the precious minerals products scent which is baby cologne scent which i like
  • the rubber sponges provided, they just really work well with liquid products for the face!
  • really easy to blend out
  • not too watery
  • not too creamy
  • isn't streaky to apply with a brush
  • doesn't settle in my pores
  • didn't irritate my skin like make it red or make me allergic
  • doesn't cake up throughout the day
  • doesn't fade throughout the day
  • some of the magic does work.  on me the mint worked better in my opinion in so far as even-ing out my skin with the rest of my neck and chest. 
  • some SPF and PA protection, enough for the office and not walking around too long on the street
  •  i don't think this shoud've had spf to begin with.  if it's a base the the assumption is that foundation or bb cream would be applied on top of this.  but i suppose if women are as lazy as i am then yes, like me they'd just apply this and full coverage powder foundation and all is swell.  WHICH is probably why it is only spf 35 compared to the usual spf 50
  • i got a couple of zits using the peach variant.
Now between the two, apart from the zit, ideally, the peach should be the variant that works for me.  But apart from the zits and the fact that the peach has hardly any effect on me, I'm a bigger fan of the mint.  I'm a bigger fan of the mint even if i hardly have any redness on my cheeks, around my nose, lips or eyes.  Somehow i just like the effect of the mint on me than the peach
So as always, try out these products on your face first before investing PhP998 on this.  Though now, I am curious on what the pink one will look on me? hahahaha


Marielle Ong said...

Love the part about how having a spatula may drive the price up. :))

Marge said...

ahihihi pang asar :-P

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