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I bought this in Seoul it when was new like when it first came out.  Now months later I finally found the time to review it.  And frankly, I am sorry I bought only one shade :-(
So here it is, unlike the Japanese brands I know, Korean brands do like their lippie shades very very did i say very? Very vivid, bold, and not your usual, pa-natural-looking lips the way the are on Korean dramas.  So behold the really vivid color of the lipnicure line.  Yes, like manicure but for the lips.  but the shades are matte and there is a top coat which oddly enough was not visible to me at the store i was at in Seoul so i didn't grab it.  Could be the top coat was released after the colors came out.
My purchase
Comes in a variety of pinks
Has the below product description, ingredients, and how to use from enkoreadepart
I prefer shades with names instead of just numbers, don't you?  But yeah they do have names, just not on the site where i got the below picture from.
The below are pictures of the shades with new editions.  so i was right, the top coat was not available back when I bought my lipnicure.
I got these from kimchijib
 I'm feeling these new shades, aren't they so happy? and summer-y?
Their version of 'detailed' description.
So mine is the #5 revenge pink like previously mentioned and it lasts about a year upon opening the product.
Like the name implies, it's manicure for the lips.  like applying lacquer on your lips hahaha
And the below are swatches of my revenge pink
And what revenge pink looks like on my lips.  YES! I've found a matte U-Kiss pink! hahaha
When I first used it really wasn't love at first swipe, quite the opposite in fact.  It IS thick, dries too quickly on the lips, and I used too much on my lips that it felt heavy and gunky and goopy.  Then I realized i used too much that the lacquer was so heavy that it cracked on its own weight!  Like icing on a cake that is too much.  
I eventually learned how to apply it on the back of my hand first then get a thin coating on my pinky finger and apply that on my well moisturized and scrubbed lips to have smooth and evened out application of the product.  I describe like it's a lot of hard work but not really.  I use a really good lip balm that doesn't affect the gloss look of the product. I apply the balm on my lips [beneath the lipnicure].  Meaning the lipnicure stays matte on my lips.
  • I like the scent they used on this! it's sorta berry kinda bubble gum scent
  • the shade range, they are just so vivid and really different from each other!
  • the lasting power, girl, i need baby oil to remove this from my lips hahaha and i still toothbrush it off my lips at the end of the day lol
  • frankly it doesn't dry out my lips like i thought it would since it is matte and all.  I once applied this on my bare lips and well... nothing terrible happened but I can't assure everyone will have the same experience.
  • needless to say it doesn't easily wipe off, drink or eat off which helps people like me that can't have the time for too much retouching throughout the day.
  • because it takes a tiny amount and doesn't need retouching unless you eat roasted suckling pig, this US$17 lip product will be worth its weight of 4+g til the 1year of its usability has elapsed.  meaning sulit na considering matipid na matipid syang gamitin
  • doesn't bleed.  because of quick drying nature, once it's set man, this thing is set until the time your lip skin sheds or when you brush your teeth and lips or when you eat something extremely oily
  • still not available here.  whoever imports Clio and Peripera still has not brought this in [and frankly, still have not gotten permission to use Sandara Park's Clio pictures on their counters at sm megamall- yep, it's still Hyori that you see at the SM dept stores]
  • the applicator and packaging - i never did find these cotton tips very hygienic, i dab the product on the back of my hand which guess what that is - product wastage.
RECOMMENDATION:  i know a couple of girls personally whose lipstick never last on their lips.  either they eat it off of their lips or they have extra fast absorbing lips that products just end up going through their lps in a couple of hours.  I think this product is their cure!
hehehe see what i did there? :P


StacieNoelle said...

I heard from Pony (korean blogger/ulzzang) that this is also one of her favorites and that she also has a bad time removing it since it's lasting power is way too good. XD Lovely color!

Marge said...

true, it is hard to apply and remove but i really like it nonetheless hahaha. the nasty pink is really bright and happy too

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