Thursday, June 19, 2014


I'm back! I'm sorry I've been inactive lately! But here we are, and I'm reviewing a really wonderful product!  Behold the Too Cool for School Dinoplatz CC Cream.  This retails for PhP1279 and is available at the Too Cool for School branches at MOA and SM North.
I got the variant with blush
So you get a tube and at the end
A description at the back
You get either a cream blush, a cream highlighter, or cream concealer for this ball tip.
As shown below
Product description below is from enkoreadepart
I suppose the below are the ingredients? Sorry but it's in Hangul.
And the ingredients are below, too, and in Hangul as well LOL
I like it when they cover the opening like this, it gives that extra feeling of security
Unlike other cc creams with pigment balls this one is like my beloved cc cream here and here
And included with each tube of cc cream are balls of product and you have a choice either cream blush, cream concealer, and cream highlighter.  The blush is on the peachy side.  Not a fan of the cover though, many times now i skid over the cream blusher so it's now dented and i've got product in the grooves of the cap.
but applies mild and just give a good sun kissed hue.
And now for the cc cream
I used the below products for this review:
Too Cool for School Philppines' makeup artist Raymond advised that this Dinoplatz cc cream is used as a base.  And so this was my perfect chance to use the Dinoplatz cc cream with their After School BB Foundation Lunch Box that I reviewed here
But when I'm at the office I use the Dinoplatz cc cream and just powder.  Well, depending on the flash of your cam then well, you get unforgiving results.
  • I'm loving the packaging, I really like the upside down tube, makes dispensing the product hygienic
  • the box, it's just so cute!
  • has some spf and pa protection so this is fine for being in doors and being in cars or public transpo when you're not in direct sun light
  • has a very very very mild scent which i like
  • the blush i like how peachy it is that doesn't oxidize into a bronzer
  • doesn't cake up
  • doesn't oxidize
  • doesn't break me out
  • is actually flattering on my skin just like my beloved cc creams - so yeah i like the veiled look i get when using this
  • as a base it made applying foundation even smoother and allowed for me to use less of the foundation for a more natural look
  • as a base with their foundation it made my face look air brushed 😊
  • didn't cake up the foundation when the Dinoplatz cc cream was used as base
  • the finish of wearing the cc cream by itself - it's not too dewy which i like
  • the cap of the blush can drive me mental i've dented the blush many times now 
  • depending on the camera, this cc cream is mighty reflective like the other cc creams i've tried.  but if you're not going to an event anyway if you're not going to be photographed then this cc cream is fine to be worn by itself!
  • oil control is not too great on me though :-( i usually get oily on my t-zone but with this i'd get all over.  maybe it's just hormonal 😉
RECOMMENDATIONS - if you're fair skin but have dull skin like i do then cc creams like these are one way to give you that iridescent bright Korean look!  Just have oil control films and your favorite retouch powder and you're set!


CJ said...

They have one in the white tube with a pump I think? Which is better?

StacieNoelle said...

Awesome! I've been wanting to try something from the Dinoplatz line and I think this is it :D It looks great on you!

Nana L said...

I love Seohyun so I wanna try it just for that reason xP

Marge said...

hahaha, well I got to know The Face Shop very well because of its previous endorser Kim Hyun Joong. But I do like most of the Face Shop's products on their own. :-D

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