Friday, July 11, 2014


This is my first time to try any Kojic soap.  I have heard of the soap.  I have heard that it is quite popular and that many of these soaps come from Asian countries.
What I have learned is that Kojic soap is something to help whiten skin.  It has been used by many men and women in Japan for many years now to help their skin get rid of sun spots and even out their skin tone.  
Recently in the market, Belo Beauty has rolled out her version of the Kojic trend and added Tranexamic Acid.   So Belo Beauty's Kojic Acid soap has the best of both worlds. [from wiki-]
Kojic has shown to be a very good exfoliant while Tranexamic Acid has been effective on some women to remove that dark skin they develop during pregnancy, the melasma.  Tranexamic acid has shown to provide rapid and sustained lightening in melasma by decreasing melanogenesis in epidermal melanocytes! [Meaning to say in non-medical terms, that the use of Tranexamic Acid on the skin after pregnancy to whiten skin that darkened during pregnancy has been said to have worked on many women]
I just want to take this moment to talk about the packaging.  It is really thoughtful isn't it?  Kojic soaps are known to melt easily so with Belo Beauty's Kojic soaps, you get extra protection by having a plastic wrapper to keep the soap from seeping in to the carton box.  Best of all, it has this plastic flap for us to easily open the plastic wrapper with our hands wet or dry! 
For us non-pregnant women though, we have dark spots left behind by old pimple scars.  We have uneven skin from not being in the sun too long or too little, i.e. the skins around our  neck and chest area and arms.  Some parts of our necks will be darker than our chest.  Worse, we can develop dark spots, can be sun spots or even freckles.  Come in these Kojic soaps to the rescue!
Using Belo Beauty's Kojic+Tranexamic Acid for one week, see the picture below for the dark old pimple scars.
and presto!
Some of the scars are still there you can still see some dark spots but a great deal of the darkness has been dealt with and do not even require concealer anymore.

  • no need to buy online
  • packaging is professional
  • less expensive than the Kojic soaps purchased online or at merchandise stores that sell Japanese products
  • smells really really nice but not too perfumey
  • guys can use this for their old chicken pox scars and would see a lightening effect
  • can be itchy unless skin is well moisturized
  • have to put it near a window and have to stand it on its side so it would not melt too much but most soaps are like that anyway
People will say, but Marge? Aren't you so fair already?  Sure, I am, but like I keep telling people, I still get hormonal break outs and I always prick and squeeze my zits so eventually I have many old pimple scars that can get dark depending on how the pimple heals.  So for evening out skin tone and lightening dark spots someone like myself can find use for a soap like this.

[my apologies for the bad lighting on the before and after pictures, I assure you it is the same spot on the face]


Francesca said...

The before and after shots are pretty convincing! Good review! Will pick this up soon. I know how hard it can be for fair-skinned people to have scars and hyper pigmentation. There's a huge contrast between the blemish and the skin making it so obvious. Yaay for affordable and effective products like this one!

XiaoVee said...

Wow it also has halal label :D
I never heard this soap brand.. thanks for sharing :)

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Marge said...

oh Doctora Belo and her brand is quite popular in Manila and at least her products are not as expensive as the ones from the West ;-)
thanks for the heads up on your contest, I'm sure my readers from the Philippines may be interested ^_^

jhessicaRecto said...

happy anniversary sa blog mo Ms. Marge isa ka sa mga nakaka inganyo sakin na maging fan ng korean makeup. :)

Marge said...

hello there! thanks talaga for always commenting sa fb, dito at sa iba. i feel like all this hard work is worth it thanks to you guys! ;-)

Riyalyn Gatdula said...

Hope to win! :>

nica_23 said...

hi. I have been following your thoughts and experiences since Hyun joong time. From YouTube to blogs. I shall not forget to say hello next time I see you po. Lastly thank you for every post about everything. ^^

Marge said...

hello there! thank you! it means a lot that you still read my blog until now ;-) thanks to you and people like you, I am still here ^_^

Marge said...

hehehe thanks ^_^

Marge said...

good luck ^_^

Hazel said...

Hi ms.marge! Pag may korean cosmetic na bago or curious ako, dito ako lagi pumupunta kasi alam kong rereview-hin mo din yung product hahaha. Thanks for your posts! xx

lovely tajuna said...

hi :) thank you for all your informative reviews..i enjoy reading your blogs. i have found great bb creams because of you..and have save my money for not buying those not so good bb cream or skin care. :)

Bea Padilla said...

I love your make-up reviews, Ms. Marge! Hope to win! <3

prinsesajo . said...

hope to win!
first blogger i've met in person (that was during lee min ho's fun meet last march)! hope to see you again!

good luck on your blogs and hope it continues for years!

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Marge said...

hello there!
good luck to you on this giveaway!
hope to see you again specially if you win one of the items!
weeee we have something in common! LMH! ;-)
i do hope i continue to with blogging for a long time to come thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting ^_^

Marge said...

good luck Bea! thank you for reading my reviews ;-)

Marge said...

YEY! i'm glad i got to save you money! that was my intention all along ;-) though it is getting harder and harder now to review the bad from the good. This year what i haven't liked so far is Myra's bb cream. yikes, i just won't waste my internet on it na lang ma-stress pa ko lol!

Marge said...

hahaha thanks! so far marami silang skin care na pinapadala so medyo mabagal ang turn around ng blogging ko hahaha need to try for a long time at maraming pilosopo na sasagot na baka di ko nagamit ng husto bago ko nireview LMAO! ;-)
thank you for the greet! I do plan to stay in blogging for a long time thank you thank you ^_^

anne0822 said...

Joined! Happy anniversary! :)

will always love your occasional mataray FB status and tweets.. :D

immaaurora said...

great product!!!!!

Marge said...

hahaha thanks!

♚♔ QueenGZBCL ♕♛ said...

Already joined. Hope to win :)

Marge said...

there is always a premium in packaging items in a more compact way. unlike tubes and bottles these are more comfortable to bring around in a makeup kit that will fit in an overnight bag. college and high school ladies would also prefer this all in one packaging to have more room in their bags for more gadgets and books ;-)
this sponge in a compact became my favorite since it came out because of it's transportability and it has a mirror to boot ^_^

Marge said...

good luck!

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Rowvielyn Martin said...

Hindi po ba 'to nakakaitim?

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