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This product is due to come out our Manila stores this August.  So I do apologize for not having the box to photographed with the instructions and ingredients on there.  I've visited the Trinoma and Glorieta branches twice this month and this product hasn't hit the stores! So check it out people it's a day before August and here's my low down on this, yet another addition to the cushion face products ^_^
So if you look at it, it's your basic compact, with lid separator [sponge container] and mirror.
But upon closer inspection, it isn't actually the foam/cushion that you immediately see but a white sheet.
It's like a cloth screen, like a fine silk screen [if you did that silk screening in high school for your t-shirt projects]
It's a thin film to protect the cushion and the product under it. as per press release: "It is definitely not like any other cushion foundation that can be found in the base makeup market. The cushion foundation contains THEFACESHOP’s very own patented 0.028 mm Screen Cell™ that has mirroring complex (trade marked as well) which leads to upgraded makeup results with extra moisture. The 99.9% antibacterial net within the cushion foundation gives a fresh feeling each application or re-application. The best part of all, its superb convenience, is that there is no need of a re-do, the foundation can be simply applied on top of applied base. Its portable container and simple& moist air puff makes it a should-not-miss makeup item for the coming season."
Why? Well for anyone familiar with these products, you know that using the sponge that comes with the compact that if you press too deeply into the foam-cushion you're liable to get too much of the foundation on your sponge and push out some liquid onto the sides of the compact.  But this screen reduces that risk and you get a finer liquid onto your sponge or brush.  I was given the 02 the natural beige [the other shade is 01 bright beige]
The ingredients are below, thanks to CosDNA.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Swatches of the 02 shade below.  Even if it was the 02 natural beige it's still on the really dewy side [the bright beige 01 is the super mega dewy one based on what i've read online LOL]

What it looks like without the flash turned on on my camphone
and well, you guessed it, it's me and my Sweeney Todd face.
But it really does look natural in normal lighting LOL
So depending on the lighting, it's still reflective as the moon.
  • the packaging, like i always say with these cushion thingies, i always like the packaging on these because 1. it has a mirror aleady, 2. the sponge lid separator is always a good thing to keep things tidy 3. the hard case makes it hard to squeeze out the product AS IN compared to tubes these compact things are hard to squeeze the product out and when you open it you've got squirting bb or cc creams all over your hands, yep i've been there, so these kinds of packaging gets my vote for convenience and safety
  • pretty easy to blend out
  • spf50 pa+++ is always a good thing
  • the mild scent is a plus
  • coverage is pretty decent, i hardly need any further coverage under my eyes or my pimple scars
  • same goes to pore coverage as well, no need to dab in more of the product to cover up the pores on my nose
  • as with many of the face shop products this does not break me out even with the high spf in the product
  • doesn't cake out throughout the day
  • doesn't really melt or slide off [so no mysterious white/flesh stuff on the rim of my glasses 
  • the dewy is really natural looking, no visible shimmers compared to many western brands that boast a dewy finish
  • the oil control - my nose and forehead would get oily in about a couple of hours when i don't usually get oily there when i use other bb's/foundations/ or cc creams
  • it feels heavy on my cheeks and forehead after about 4 hours
  • when using a simple flash [not xenon] or a reflector, the product is really reflective so i look like edward scissorhands or tonto or toshio from the grudge
  •  i've tried open this [to try and see if it's refillable] it's not refillable unlike its competion
This is around US$25 on Amazon.  So expect a few hundred pesos added to this price when it hits our The Face Shop stores in Manila ^_^


Phoebe Limanta said...

I really need to get into this cushion base thing! I've been seeing it everywhere :) Thank you for the great review :)

Phoebe | Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

Lean Diwa Buscaino said...

WOW ang ganda po ng color for fair skin sadly hindi ako ganun kaputi hehe.. pero very natural love it! super bagay po sainyo!

Marge said...

hi there! thank you for going through my blog ^_^
medyo pang olive skinned nga tong mga shades na ito eh, so medyo washed ang itsura ko LOL so pang patong ko na lang yung laneige :-)

Marge said...

so true, i'm reviewing another one at that LOL

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