Sunday, August 31, 2014


This weekend I had the opportunity of being at the launch of the latest Japanese makeup brand to come to Manila, Heroine Make!  Do check out their facebook page here
As you can see our heroine is a princess and Miss Project Vanity introduces her and most popular products below.
Miss Project Vanity, Liz Lanuzo also introduces our guest of honor, makeup artist for Heroine Make Sayuri Igarashi!  Here below is Crystal, they found one best v shaped faces i've seen in a while.
And here now is our guest of honor describing this fantabulous bb cream of theirs.  I'll be trying this out this week to see what she says is true ;-)
And here, as she describes the really really fine point of their eye liner, too!
and how awesome their mascara is.
that you don't even need to curl your lashes? we shall see!  This impact mascara has a unique brush tip that only Heroine Make has!
As with any Japanese brand, this too, would rather have you looking natural, devoting most emphasis given to shimmering eyes and a little flick of the eye liner ;-)
Miss Sayuri Igarashi was so animated and fun to listen to.  She was very fast when she did the demo! If only we could all apply our makeup that fast, it be so great!
 Bloggers in attendance to this event and our princess of the day.
 with whom I had a photo op with!
Thank you for the gift! I'll try them out asap!
what wasn't in the gift set i purchased with my own money to try the items that were used on our pretty petite Crystal!
Have you heard of Heroine Make? I have, through my sister in law who asked me to buy their liner in Singapore!  Now the brand is here!  Has anyone of you tried their products yet! Hope you can check them out at SM MOA Department Store, and hopefully soon it'll come to SM Megamall, too!


Matromao said...

Tellie would've passed for a Princess Elizabeth rin. Haha. V-shaped face and her hair's all set. :p

Marge said...

wow Podium! it's been so long since i've been there since they closed off the walk through from st francis square! i do hope there's a heroine make there. i'm liking the eye liner A LOT!
yes, reviews soon ;-)

Marge said...

i totally agree ;-)

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