Thursday, August 7, 2014


I graciously and happily accepted shades #4 #10 #18 #19 #20 #21 #25 #30 and #35, thank you Etude House Philippines !
The product description is below along with the ingredients
Here are the swatches  The #19 for the Yu #20 for the dark pink Kee and the concealer looking shade the #10 for Siw
While teh #30 is the burgundy looking one, the #25 is the pale blood red the #18 is the lilac looking shade #4 is the highlighter one and the #35 my favorite the midnight blue
and they're water proof!
Like I said I'm loving the #35 it's dark but when the light hits it right it shimmers in flecks of royal blue!
It's really up to you how you'd wear it.  I could apply this to my entire half lid to give a more Amy Winehouse look or you can go more wearable like what I did here.
You can use the below shades on your lips and cheeks, some can pull off using the below on their eyes as well.  I'm not that anime for that so I can go with just using these on my lips and cheeks ;-)
The 2ne1 hehehe can be used at night time or day.  It's actually matte, but i put gloss to make wearing it more comfortable.
  • So many shades!
  • comes with a sharpener at the end
  • didn't break me out or cause chapping of my lips
  • very opaque
  • very difficult to remove great for rainy humid season like what we have now!
  • so no smearing, no melting off
  • very compact
  • the box tells you what shade you bought
  • no weird smell
  • quite affordable [PhP348] considering the many uses the pink and red ones can do for you i.e. you can use these pinks and reds for your lips and cheeks [and sometimes as eye shadow, too]
  • can be difficult to spread and blend out because of it sticky consistency
  • difficult to sharpen so you need to freeze it first
  • can be difficult to remove so get a good lip and eye makeup remover
I recommend this, it's pretty cheap and long lasting and have a great collection of shades ;-)


Za said...

I really do love these pencils and I want to get more every time I use them

Jes Roque said...

I waaaaant the violet (19)! :)

SaiExs said...

Good for you

you got the products for free......I'm dying of envy

but do they have pencil use for eyebrow, cause my brows are i need of a good outline..

Marge said...

wag na yung green sa peach side ka na lang mag try. i don't use primers but when i do i prefer cc creams gaya ng sa nature Republic at the face shop ^_^

Mad Cow Mary said...

I see. So hindi ko na kailangan maglagay ng primer before CC cream?
I'll try the Peach baby choux ate. Tenchu ulit!!

Matromao said...

No matter how nice an eyeliner, the biggest turnoff for me is still needing to sharpen it. Hate ko ang pencil shavings. Besides, Etude House is the brand that got me addicted to auto pencils in the first place. :p

Marge said...

true, should you wish to still try this just don't sharpen it anymore. just use one of their gel liner brush and their lip stick brushes to apply these creamy products ;-)

Marge said...

di na, ako man di gumagamit nyan pag gumagamit ko ng primer parang sasali ko sa santa cruz-san sa parang kapal ng makeup ko.
try watching this one to see what I mean. ;-)

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