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I have been using this product for the last three weeks now.  I had to try it out that long because at first there was nothing really happening on my skin so i gave it time before I gave up trying to use this.  And here goes, my review.
Product brief from The Face Shop Philippines:
“Seed in Seed” by THEFACESHOP’s latest skincare line, is viewed as a young life within seed that grows with a supply of sunlight and water. Therefore, all energy given by the sunlight and water is concentrated within the seed embryo which provides 5 pure energies that are perfect for pure and clear skin. 
5 pure energies found in native seed embryos   
-Tone-up energy
-Skin texture energy
-Moisture energy
-Pore tightening
-Sheen energy
Made with extracts from the core of the seed that is concentrated with the above 5 energies, Core Seed Purifying Essence helps skin to be pure and clear. It is not just moisturizing result we expect from the other usual skincare products. It gives skin pureness and clarity, automatically bringing skin tone up and enhancing skin resilience.
The wild soybean, where the seed extract comes from, is known as the most native wild bean, which makes it the most natural ingredient for it is grown in wild without any genetic modifications or recombination. It also has 10% more of protein than soybeans.  The antioxidant effect is even more amazing, 1 wild bean equals to 28 soybeans. With this excellent ingredient, Core Seed Purifying Essence promises you the purest skin you’ll ever experience. 
The GOOD Promises of Core Seed Purifying Essence

Thank you The Face Shop Philippines for this product and the opportunity to review it ^_^ 
And it's your press kit is beautifully packaged.
and with a clever way of inserting the cd info for the item, too!
As always, The Face Shop's packaging is either really dainty or expensive looking smoked glass with quality printing on the bottle as well.

Found this online, product description and an instruction guide on how to use ;-)
What the product looks like before the skin absorbs it.
After 2-3 weeks of use.
I use this twice a day, once in the morning before I put on makeup and apply it again before I sleep.  During the first few days, it felt like just applying watery gel.  When I'd get small zits though I would feel stinging pain when the my wounds would absorb the seed in seed core seed purifying essence and then by the end of the day the small zits would be gone!  
Then about a few days in the second week of usage, I did see that this is one good moisturizer.  I also feel like it's time released hahaha.  I would be oily but the skin on my face would just supple.
  • the packaging, it's just pretty, it's mature but not matronly
  • the pump works well and not made of flimsy cheap plastic
  • yes, this time i will admit the bottle is glass which i normally don't care for, but it makes the whole experience feel luxurious and not cheap and plastic-y
  • the essence is really quickly absorbed
  • the consistency of the product is really good for our sad, hot and humid weather, so it doesn't feel icky and heavy like many moisturizers after a while
  • my skin would feel supple even after hours of having it on already
  • it dries up my small zits
  • didn't break me out
  • smells really fresh and pleasant
  • available in Manila
  • just one, it is really pricey :-(  ranging from US$30-US$50 - so wow, 2k in PHP?
Regardless of however awesome the main ingredient in this product is.  No matter exotic how the seeds are harvested once a year.  What I can safely say, this is one product that does work and that I've grown to like.  I really recommend this product specially to our ladies that live with me here in the humid tropics.  The quick absorption and the fresh scent makes this product not heavy to use and won't make your face feel icky and heavy in the middle of the day.


seulkki said...

ok but why would you not post the ingredients list if you said the ingredients list is in english on your video

Marge said...

my bad, i can't find a photo of my box where it had the ingredients. i did post the ingredients list now on this blog post.
and i generally don't post further info on my videos :-P

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