Monday, August 4, 2014


First things first! This is my actual first time to try any brow mascara.  So no, I haven't tried the other brand whose applicator really does look a mascara wand.  I've been meaning to but they're always out of stock of the shade that is appropriate for me.
But this has arrived from Japan thanks to K-Palette Philippines and is distributed at the Beauty Bar and Rustan's Beauty Source and retails for PhP595 and should now be in stores in full swing ;-)
Unlike its name, the applicator is quite different from the usual mascara wands with the spoolie.  This is a brush.

A brush with rubbery plastic bristles like what you may use for your pets.

Instructions how to use are below
and the ingredients are listed here
This is the natural brown under my faucet, and just like its cousins, this, too, is tap water proof
and the natural brown on me
without my glasses
I have both shades, i think the light brown is a tad too light for me at least while i have jet black hair.  Maybe if and when I color my hair to a lighter shade this will be the shade i use.
but for now, the natural brown is the shade i use.
As you can see the light brown is quite light and would be good if I had sandy blonde or ash blonde hair LOL
And here it is on me.
I actually wore the light brown for a couple of days, i liked it but between the natural and the light brown, I'd wear the natural brown specially on events where there is flash photography just because i don't want the flashes of cameras to wash out my brows.
  • compact packaging - i dislike those lash blast tubes, they take too much space and mis-aligns the rest of my stuff in my kit and the tube is clear as far as i can tell so i'm bound to find out if i'm about to run out of the product, yet another difference from the mascaras like the below.
  • no weird scent
  • spreads pretty evenly
  • effective brush in combing my brow hair into place, their proper alignment
  • does not irritate my skin or make my brows go bald or anything
  • natural brown suits me quite well
  • quick dry
  • oddly enough though it dries quickly my brows do not clump
  • easy enough to remove with makeup remover
  • frankly, pretty inexpensive considering where it can be bought [Rustan's and the Beauty Bar] sosyalin dapat ang presyo di ba? and kinda inexpensive for a Japanese brand.
  • it's available in Manila
  • the very tip of the brush could have been more tapered or pointed than it is now so that I can draw the outer tip of my brows more than to end bluntly
  • if you're not careful the product could clump up on the brush bristles, so dab and spread quickly, don't day dream while applying this.
I'm a fan of this thing.  it's like hair gel for the brows with color.  then again, i've yet to try that other brand that others swear by but I can safely say that this is blog recommends this one if your budget affords it and if you find your way in the many branches of the Beauty Bar and Rustan's Beauty Source ;-)


Gellie Abogado said...

I'm actually very curious about its applicator. Ang cool. Would love to try this product for the applicator, itself. Hehe


cheekeegirl said...

been wanting to buy this too!

Marge said...

yeah, it's not half bad ;-) go get one ^_^

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