Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hi there! I'm back, sorry for being away for a bit.  About three weeks ago, as part of my partnership with Sample Room Philippines, I received the latest in Shiseido's skin care.  The Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate!
At first, as always, I was skeptical but I at least thought I'd give it a try?  I did after all, appreciate the literature that was sent along with the product.
And it is scientifically based.
With how they processed the product before releasing it to all of us.
A little anatomy on the side.
Along with history.
And after 23 years, the age of my favorite young man from U-Kiss, Shiseido has released the Ultimune.  The current ultimate in immunity.  And see, Shiseido loves and believes this product that the Ultimune was given flagship color of red.
A red bottle and a red box symbolizing Shiseido's belief and lobby behind this product that it will not take it off the shelves for decades.
The ingredients are listed on the box.
And we are provided with a hygienic pump bottle
that works well in dispensing the product in the correct amount for almost of an entire face right there at the back of my hand.
If you can focus your view where my green vein is, you will see the blurring of my pores and it looks like it has been photoshopped and filtered.
After 2-3 weeks of use in the morning and before bed time, i would like to say that i actually see improvements on my skin.
I also didn't have my usual monthly break out during the time when I should have [meaning i used this while i was pms-ing and while i had my period - when a female's hormones is at the most erratic].  So I would like to think that this thing boosted the immunity of my face's skin during its time of weakness and kept my skin from getting inflammed.  gets? so erratic nga yung hormones ko during pms and menses, so the usual immunity i have against pollution, my cats' hairs and bacteria that usually attack my skin still didn't get through because boosted yung immunity ko during the time i was using this product.
And as it is a serum, and a very good one, it made good in making my skin look and feel better.
  • that it actually worked on my skin
  • scent - very lady like and not overpowering
  • hygienic packaging and dispensation of the product
  • easily absorbed even by my oily to normal skin
  • works well with other skin care and i dare say it boosts the effects of other skin care
  • provides a good base to foundation because of the well moisturized supple skin the product provides once absorbed
  • didn't break me out
  • didn't cause oiliness on my skin
  • doesn't separate as in when you see your balsmic vinegar? those little bubbles of oil and vinaigrette when they are no longer mixed? this doesn't do that on your skin
  • aesthetically speaking the dimethicone in the product diffused the depth of my pores and the depth of the lines under my eye
  • my skin is much softer and more supple these days while i am using it
  • looks a little brighter, too, but i concede to the fact that it's just the dimethicones doing the light deflection thing so my skin looks brighter when the product has been recently applied.
  • NONE 
i guess my only complaint is the price - but look at it this way.  it took them 23 years to come up with this thing, that is a lifetime - Eli was born in 1991, raised, has suffered many hardships, got up, suffered hardship again and got up and again and has made it thus far.  Eli who? why the analogy?  the product is 23 years old, the product has been kind to me, even for a moment.  the product has been through many trials and testings before it debuted thus my simple analogy.  so what's my point? do i not pay my hard earned money to buy legit hard and soft copies of U-Kiss' music?  So why not pay dearly for something that does so well on my skin?  Yes this is merely a testimonial and anecdotal but my skin's age is 37, [my chronological age is 39] so i am aging, my skin still suffers break outs so no different from people who do get pimples.  AND I HAVE INTERNET AND SOME GRAMMAR, so i will want to share that this new product from Shiseido worked for me.  Of course it is possible that it will not work for everyone, syempre, we're all different but the thing is, it will most likely work for many of us for a very long time.  and this is one pricey product that i will actually buy for myself when this runs out. 


anne0822 said...

Wait.. you're 39?? whut??? I hope my skin looked that good when I'm at your age!

cheekeegirl said...

With Shiseido you can never go wrong...

Marge said...

i read a comment on one of my videos saying that the decades of sales and research Clinique has makes her trust the brand over the newer (presumably) Korean brands, all I can say is, well Shiseido has been around for 142 years while AmorePacific [Laneige / Etude House] has been with us for almost 70 years.
Because my skin looks the way it is, I would look towards Japan and Korea first. But for women who are unlike me, I do recommend American brands just because US brands cater to a very wide market from the women of African descent like Oprah, to Latinas like JLo, to really Caucasian skins like Taylor Swift. Given this, the wide range of weather/climate there is in the US from humid Georgia and Florida to dry heat of Texas to tundra climates around the great lakes i.e Michigan or states like Minnesota then you can say that the skin care and makeup products would have to suit the skins that live in those kinds of habitat. The same for Filipinas too with varying skin shades and who live all across the planet ;-)

Marge said...

yep, not a typo ;-) i wish you the best and i recommend for you not to go out in the sun too much ^_^

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