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Let me just say this is the second or third toner that I actually enjoy in my life time.  I generally do not use toners or astringents because they generally have some form of alcohol in the ingredient list.  I was really skeptical about this egg pore toner because just the word egg in this day and age and purpose means no pores.  real egg whites is a diy mask used for cleaning and tightening the skin.  so any commercialized skin care with the word egg on the name usually make me think of the diy skin care for skin tightening, and cleansing by pulling out the very top layer of skin and hopefully black/white heads and ingrown hair in your pores that end up looking like black heads.

Skepticism aside.  I still wanted to try it out if Tony Moly has come out with yet another toner that can match how well this other wonderful freshening toner worked on me 
Product description is on the packaging container.
As well as the ingredient list.  I am happy to not eth the ethanol [alcohol] is near the very end of the list and therefore has one of the lowest content of the ingredients on the list.
Collateral / advertorial for the product :-)
It has a pump dispenser.
Push this thing down and you see the product squirt up.
What's to write about toners?  Right? I mean it either works or it dries your skin out that it peels or that it breaks you out because of some allergic reaction to the ingredients. Like I mentioned I am a not fan of these toners and astringents because because of their usually high content of alcohol.  Toners and astringents are always advised to be used after facial washing.  Therefore applying alcohols to clean off the rest of the muck that the facial wash didn't take out would mean to shrink the pores on your skin.  But if my pores are all closed how then could my skin care enter and get absorbed?  This is why I don't use these.
But this was almost love at first apply.
  • packaging
  • 500 ml for PhP848.  that's a lot of product for a good price considering
  • a little of the liquid product goes a long way on your face
  • does not dry out my skin at all but 
  • does not feel drying
  • feels refreshing on the skin
  • does not break me out
  • doesn't dry too quickly so i feel as though it isn't alcohol-y too much
  • has no weird medicine or alcohol-y scent
  • i'm ok with how th product is dispensed, i mean at least it's not a bottle i have to turn upside down for the product to get to the cotton right? i wouldn't drop such a big bottle accidentally?
I can't find anything to dislike about this toner.  I think it does the job in cleaning my skin but doesn't dry my skin out.
I do recommend this product specially to our younger ladies and gents specially the ones who use the public transpo.  This toner is very gentle yet cleans well.  It also lasts long so the PhP848 investment goes a long way!  

Have you tried this product?  How has it been for you?


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