Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Etude House has recently released a brightening essence to speed up the process of brightening the skin that grew dull and dark over the spring and summer season :-)
This line also has a lotion.  Today we are going to give a the essence (the serum, the first thing you apply after toner or washing the face) a try.
Product description at the back of the plastic bottle
in Hangul
the cute princess-y cap
a pump that works!
and product description with ingredients on the box, too!
It is quite watery and a rather clear gel.
I used this for two weeks.  It wasn't about to make me any paler or pastier.  I did notice some dullness of my skin kinda even out though.
 HOWEVER, a week of using this I got these.  I took these photos three days ago and yesterday I got another zit on top of my eye brow.
This thing is PhP898 at 100ml per bottle.
I'm sorry guys, I am just not a fan of this product.  I've never been a fan of whitening or brightening. Whatever shade your skin is you need to even it out, no gray patches, no red spots no really white spots, too.  A clean and almost even skin regardless of color is the ideal.  This won't mean you'd be flat looking it just mean you've got healthy skin ;-)
I leave the decision up to you.  males or females can use this product.  I'm pretty sure the zits will not be an effect on everyone who uses this product.  Don't let the plastic bottle be a deterrent for you to purchase this product it is just not for me. 


Ari said...

I think slightly uneven skin tone is fine and totally normal. Once we put on makeup it evens out anyway :)

Marge said...

agreed. you should see some of the women here in Manila. you'd know what i meant by my statement above lmao

Ari said...

Yes, I do! Haha!

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