Tuesday, September 9, 2014


You know I love bb creams and cc creams right? I especially love the ones from Japan and Korea.  This one is from our latest entry to the Philippine market.  Heroine Make is finally here in Manila and was launched last week! The Heroine Make Mineral BB Cream is available at SM MOA Department Store at PhP595 as per Ms Project Vanity ;-)
The consistency and initial coloration to the product is your basic bb cream.  It's not as thick as the bb creams of 5 years ago, this one by Heroine Make is not as sticky as bb creams of old.  It is as slick as regular silicone based foundations.
No gray caste upon application but does have a beige-y tint
A beige-y yellow tint which is obvious on the back on my hand once the bb cream was blended out.
It looks natural though once applied on my slightly gray [sullen] face.  Do notice that my purple-y gray area under my right eye is not as obvious as the deeper looking left under eye area.
There is a little reflective with flash photography but it's not too bad.  After all it does boast of SPF50+ with a PA of +++
I've been wearing this bb cream for more than a week and i didn't get any breakouts or new black or white heads ^_^
After the bb cream has settled, without powder on top this is how I look like.
I look madeup when I have the flash on
After more than 8 hours, no powder touch ups.
Am I loving this bb cream?  Yes! I am.  I am not diggin' the fact it's only 30mils (ML) much less than your usual content on Korean bb creams.  The usual content of Korean BB creams is around 50g or more. 
But let's get down to the list of pros and cons shall we?

  • dude, it's here, we have been waiting for a couple of years now for a new Japanese contender that will actually bring their bb cream even though their hotter items are their stuff for the eyes LOL
  • not too silicone-y but really easy to blend out 
  • i think it has a scent, whatever it is, it is quite pleasant sorta baby powder-y
  • the #2 shade is actually good on me, i'd like to think so
  • matte but not flat finish
  • medium to buildable coverage
  • not too reflective with in photos with the flash on
  • without the flash on I don't look to madeup, looks almost natural
  • didn't cake up or melt off onto the rims of my glasses
  • didn't break me out
  • didn't / doesn't settle onto my pores making me look like i have a puddle of foundation on my pores 
  • didn't / doesn't oxidize, stays pretty fair on m skin even after more than 8 hours
  • and yep it's pretty much long wearing
  • comfortable packaging that I am used to which is pretty sanitary, too. 
  • not much really, i can't get to MOA but I really hope this brand gets to Megamall soon ;-)


Laarni said...

I really need to check this out! Hoping Megamall carries this soon! Ano kaya shade ko? Heehee. Thank you for the review, pretty!

Matromao said...

I've only tried the mascara so far and I love it, so I can't wait to get a second Heroine Make product. Might go for the eyeliner next. :)

Nana L said...

I'm so happy I found this! I've been planning to get this CC cream ever since I tried a tester on one of their stores. I liked how it blended well with the skin on my hand but I didn't get to try it on my face since I already had make up on so your review has helped me make up my mind :) Can I just ask how well you think this covers redness?

Nana L said...

You have flawless skin just like Park Gyuri, jealous :P

Hazel said...

I had a friend buy me this from korea. I usually use it after i put on my oryspa rice brightening mask which makes my skin relatively brighter and whiter. However, i find that this makes me appear as if i have a gray cast on the skin. The coverage is not good at all and the color itself is singular - it's white like moisturizer, which i probably why it gives me a gray cast. I got it pretty cheap so i dont have much regrets. I'm willing to give it another chance though. I guess i have to change my prepping time (no mask) if i decide to use this.

Regarding oil control, i can't say for much. But when partnered with innisfree mineral powder (green container), oil control is ok

Hazel said...

Do you still use it? Just curious. Small amount goes a long way.

Marge said...

Hi there. No, I no longer use this cc cream. I am not a fan of the reflective washed out look it can give me depending on the light :-(

Marge said...

wow, Park Gyuri! thanks ^_^

Marge said...

it's pretty alright on redness, but if i were you i'd still use a concealer a green one if you have really red areas, like around your nose :-D but if it's just pinkish areas, this is ok

Marge said...

i have the impact one. wow that thing is hard to remove from the lashes hahaha but it's pretty ok :-) the eye liner is fantastic ;-)

Marge said...

Hopefully, yes, sana megamall is next :-D they have two shades, I'm using 02 and it isn't that light naman :-D

Mau said...

where po in MOA?

Marge said...

sa loob ng dept store lapit Shiseido at Revlon ;-)

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