Thursday, September 4, 2014


Product description from Tony Moly Philippines ^_^
Science proved to us that berries are not only healthy to eat, but also healthy for the skin. Berrianne Essence is created from the finest natural-grown berries and freshly made olive oil from France. With regular use, you can say goodbye to fine lines and skin sagging and say hello to amplify and hasten the skin's natural repair system.Hypoallergenic and safe, it can be used even by those who have sensitive skin to protect themselves from harmful external factors and keep their skin supple and glowing, inside and out.  
Product description in Hangul
Ingredients in English and directions on how to use.
Product comes with a spatula, yey!
It's quite a thick cream, but gets absorbed almost completely and it's not greasy
I took these photos around the second or third week of August.  It's September 3, 2014 as I write this.
Picture of both right and left eye before trying out the Tony Moly Berrianne Eye cream
 I took the photos below the other night, (as in September 1, 2014)
After two weeks of using the Tony Moly Berrianne Eye Cream
I think it kinda made the lines under my eyes shallower [not looking as deep].  At least I thought so.  I also think I get better circulation under my eyes.  There is less redness or darkness?  It could be the lighting?  But looking at my own photos and there is definitely some depth in the before pictures and about two weeks later my lines look shallower and the redness is slightly less obvious.

  • the scent, kinda of a berry but really really mild and does not smell sour at all
  • really moisturizing
  • not too greasy
  • not runny
  • pictures don't lie
  • didn't break me out
  • has a spatula, yes, that is a plus for me
  • packaged in a tub that i am unlikely to lose
  • kinda worked, in my opinion it worked
  • i like the not cheap plastic used to package the product as well
I do recommend this to our ladies and gents of any age.  Stress can bring out lines and darkness under the eyes and certainly not sleeping well can bring out redness both in and around the eyes.  I say that it's good for males and females because i don't think guys will be put off with a girly scent of this product.  it's mild enough that it dissipates in a couple of minutes after application!


Matromao said...

Just from looking at the photos, mukhang okay yung texture/consistency of the eye cream. It doesn't look too greasy, like it could get in your eyes and sting.

Marge said...

it can be a little if you put too much it can get greasy specially on a humid day LOL but yeah it doesn't sting at all ^_^

Marge said...

hello there! you're most welcome. I hope to see you again in other events too.
oh yes, i am enjoying the products. they are value for money ^_^

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