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Today is a non-makeup skin care post.  I just wanted to share this perfume with you folks and how this scent made me want to purchase more of Marc Jacobs' scents. 
Some of you may recall I was invited to a joint event for Philosophy and Coty Brands of scents that I wrote about here.  As one of the first batch of attendees for the event I was one of the few who had the pick of the litter and I chose Honey as it was, at the time, already in our malls.
It is an EDP, parfum, meaning not a toilette and is much more lasting than a cologne or a toilette.
That can last three (3) years on the shelf.  I hoping it would even with our harsh climate.
Because of the bottle's intricate design it had to be protected with this kind of packaging.
And it is quite worth it.
As you can see, there is a big pearl and 'bee' wings.
I bring this thing around everywhere.  To the office, to lunches out with my dad and even to my last trip outside of the country! LOL.  I keep it in my carry on and wrapped in not one but two bubble wrap bags.  It is an EDP but the scent is very very light that my nose gets used to it like asap so i don't smell it on me after a while.  But people who don't wear it or smell it often say that it's still there.
I will always have a hard time describing scents.  For me either strong like grandma's perfume or like lolo's pomade.  During my time it was Revlon's Charlie, Avon's Sweet Honesty, yung roller ball hehehe, Anais Anais, Jordache, Jovan, and Fahrenheit, pag mayaman naka Tresor or Chanel No 5.  Personally, i liked Banana Republic, it was mild because even in the 90's and early 20k. i like smelling mild perfumes/colognes.
Marc Jacobs has mastered choosing the right mild scent to bear his name.  Honey is one of them.
  • what's not to like? it is love at first sight packaging is cute not pushy not too pa-teen (maybe for college and young office girl type)
  • the scent it smells like you just took a bath but not overwhelming 
  • scent is NOT overwhelmingly sweet but not too overwhelmingly citrus either - i don't know what musky smells like, when I read or hear musky i think the scent of male animals leave to advertise to the opposite sex that they're there.
  • i like the smell of honey and i like how the honey scent on here is not overwhelmingly sweet ^_^
  • one spritz goes a long way for a decent scent for a good 4-6 hours 
  • can bring along on my carry on on flights since it's not aerosol, so yey!
  • available in the Philippines for a while now   
not much, it's a Marc Jacobs and I really can't contest the prices of his scents in the Philippines, suffice to say that if you want to buy online you better choose your seller really well.  When buying Marc Jacobs' scents you have to know that most of his scents are really mild and when you get your product by courier you may think that you got sold old stock.  
If you want not to worry about that then I must suggest that you check it out at the department store FIRST.
I also suggest that you get this at a reliable seller or at the department store supplied by Coty Philippines as this is already about a year old, faker people may have already begun making fakes of this!  Always buy orig!
This was my perfume for this year's spring and summer what was yours?


maybelle gormate said...

Hi! I bought one yesterday. The sales lady recommended it to me for removing acne marks. I would like to ask if it works like that on you. Or if it not, can you recommend a product that could effectively remove acne marks? I also have hormonal breakouts, so I will browse through your blog for some products. :)

The price for the blemish zero is P745, i think.

JhoAnne Luna said...

how is this comparable to wonder pore toner ? similar lang ba sila? currently using the etude house skin malgum fresh toner. planning on purchasing another variant of toner from the etude house.

Marge said...

no facial wash can remove spots. facial washes like these merely have really good ingredients that gently remove that top most layer of skin which can lighten the spots. if you need to lighten pimple scars i do suggest a visit to a reputable derma ;-)

Marge said...

it compares really well. haven't done' a side by side comparison of the ingredients though, but both feel great on my skin. not drying at all ^_^

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