Friday, October 17, 2014


I would like to thank Daylong Philippines for choosing our humble blog to be one of the hosts for their giveaway.  It is always an honor and interest of mine to find like minded people through these promotions and of course to try out something new!

Most of all, and as always, I thank my readers and people who joined this giveaway. 
My winners are here!
Thank you for sharing with us what keeps you positive all DAYLONG.

This blog will keep the faces of the children hidden as a personal policy of mine but thank you, nonetheless, for following the mechanics of the giveaway.

Your names and addresses has been sent to the brand and your prizes will be shipped as soon as possible. 
Thank you for following the mechanics and thank you to the some of you who joined that truly and continue to follow me on my sns.  
It always inspire to keep on blogging and staying on my sns when I see you leaving comments on my posts or clicking the like like button on my posts.  


lovely tajuna said...

thank you very much tlga sis :)

Eddielli Bungay said...

Wow! I am so excited! :)

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