Sunday, October 26, 2014


When a brand as high end as Shiseido comes out with their version of my favorite product to review, eventually I will get around to acquiring and trying it out 😄
Like most of Shiseido' s products, this, too, has skin care and it is the hydrating type of care.  The shade I chose is Light Clair which is 02.
This has its product insert with several languages available for their market
The promises from the brand are below
While the ingredients are on the box photographed below.
As it is a high end brand it has a high end price.
Similar to another Japanese high end brand bb cream I reviewed here this one from Shiseido has a slender up side down tube which makes dispensing the product hygienic.
What the bb looks like
And once blended out.
On me it looks very natural.
Even with the flash turned on
And with tge rest of my makeup on with the flash turned on.
and my wacky face without the flash on and a strong daylight coming in through the window.
  • the hygienic packaging
  • the scent - it's a mild baby powder scent a very very mild one.  so i could be dreaming?  Because afaik or i don't remember my Shiseido refining foundation (which I still really love and use in special occasions,  btw) to have any scent
  • looks very natural on me
  • no gray cast like bb creams from yester years
  • has some spf good enough for the office stay
  • really easy to blend out
  • not too sparkly
  • good pore coverage
  • didn't break me out like the other high end brand i wrote about here
  • i was warned that some women ended up looking greasy after awhile of wearing this but i didn't, i just needed to blot off some oil on the tip of my nose, apples of my cheeks,  and forehead to freshen up
  • a good 'veil' for the day but can be used as a primer or base for your foundation
  • doesn't oxidize
  • in an office with the aircon on it doesn't melt off my face or on the rims of my glasses or the screen on my phone when i talk on my phone
  • on me it has a slightly dewy finish that i like 
  • keeps my skin hydrated which to me means that my face doesn't look dry after i wash it off 
Except for the high price tag for a bb cream that performs much the same way as most less expensive bb creams, there isn't much i can dislike about it.   Does the job well for the reasons.  
Between this and Shu's less expensive bb cream?  I'd rather shell out the extra 500 bucks just so i won't break out the way i did using Shu's bb cream


StacieNoelle said...

Awesome! I didn't know that Shiseido has BB cream XD It looks SUPER natural on you

Sheryl said...

I got mine 2 months ago and ordered it by email at I was convinced to use it when I saw the effect on my
friend’s face. After two weeks of using it, my skin looks fresh and really
rejuvenates. The pimple scars also diminished. I have a super sensitive skin
that is why I highly recommend Valencia Vita Snail Mucus
which I believed was the genuine one because it makes wonders
on my skin. I really loved the product; I just put a little gel before I go to
sleep and every morning before I put sunblock and face powder on my face. It
makes wonders on my face because I do not need to use lots of stuff to make my
skin looks younger. By the way I bought the product in the Philippines and I
don’t know if it was available in other country. It cost 2,500 pesos when you
buy one bottle but if you buy 2 bottles, you’ll get it for only P3,600 for 2

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