Sunday, November 23, 2014


This past week, Laneige Philippines had two major events, one of which I was able to attend.  They had a fashion show last Wednesday November 19, 2014 at the Robinson's Magnolia.  Having Plains and Prints there was my bonus.
Laneige has been studying water for decades and their products is the result of their intense research for us the maximize the full benefits of water for our skin.
One of the best things that came from their research and is their BB Cushion, my beloved bb cushion, snow or not, it is still my first and has become my only.
I am not the only one who feels this way, there is 1 Laneige BB Cushion sold every 10 seconds in the world.  That is really impressive. Regardless of how many others I have tried, no matter how good the others are as well, there is nothing like the first.  Sure I'm no longer a fan of the scent they still use on this, [I'm a bigger fan of the scent they used on their cc cream] but Laneige's BB Cushion is still my travel buddy, didn't let me get dark no matter how sunny it was in Seoul, didn't give me a single zit and looks natural but really really presentable even after a day's shift.
The couture was provided by Plains and Prints, Folded and Hung, Primadonna, Jun Escario, Michael Leyva, Dario, Pablo  Cabahug, Davines, and Kamiseta.
And the Makeup stylings was by Ms Cat Koh, the Laneige International Beauty Trainer and the Winn Ramos, the Chief Makeup Artist of Laneige Philippines.
At the event, the best, limited edition and latest of their products were on display.  The event was catered, too.
The event reminds us of how posh and high end Laneige is and everyone was dressed for the occasion except for two people that kinda stood out.  Let me just say or do an editorial on event etiquette on these fancy events, if out of the blue you see an event at a mall, you get invited because the organizer felt it upon themselves to invite you because you're somebody, look at yourself and ask if you're dressed appropriately if not dressed appropriately or you look like you're merely going to the grocery and didn't even comb your siete hair then just take a photo at the photo board, tweet and ig about the event, get your complimentary loot bag and leave.  And yes, do ask your sister as well not to be too loud because some of us still remember what she did when Kim Hyun Joong was here during his first visit to the Philippines.
A few of us bloggers were there, and one of the biggest fans of Laneige was there with me, Ms herself, Rowena ;-)
I broke my three week spending diet on that blush.  I had to get the best seller, the glow pink in #5 and i'm glad I did.  Laneige has been around for 20 years but Amore Pacific, the mother company, has been around since 1945.  It is practically assured that Laneige will be around for a very very long time to come ^_^
Happy birthday and congratulations Laneige!


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