Saturday, November 15, 2014


Some of you know that I've gone toinnisfree h Korea every year now since 2012. my most recent visit was in early October of this year.  I missed out on another brand with Disney princesses on their princess-y packaging so I was very delighted to have caught the last few stocks of Peripera's Frozen by Disney.  Just like in the Philippines, Peripera doesn’t have its own store.  It's a brand that can be found in Korea's version of Watsons, the Olive Young store.
When I found the Frozen limited edition collection they were already at discounted prices because they had already finished with the campaign.  so what once ₩20,000 is now (by October 2014) ₩16000 of course i had to have it!
Like i mentioned in a previous post,  Asian cosmetics brands purchased in their home counties  will not stick a sticker on the box with the English translation of the product description, instructions to use and well the ingredients.  So if you find Asian cosmetics products the added cost of translation, marketing/advertorial is an additional cost that we forget and overlook.
The limited  edition also comes with a special puff with snow flakes prints.
Like any other bb/cc cushion packaging. Has a mirror, the divider to keep the puff from the product.
It's a foundation that is slightly thicker than your usual foundation from Shiseido and Laneige or Revlon Colorstay BUT not as thick as bb creams.  It has medium coverage  with only a slightly dewy finish.
But with the sun screen they used, the product is quite reflective when you have the flash on in pictures.
But depending on the lighting the #2 beige is quite wearable. 
  • the packaging, OF COURSE! even after i got sick of her song 3 months after the movie, having this is always a treat for a make up fanatic like me
  • it's  refillable so i can put in a refill of my beloved if i wanted to  
  • it smells good, it kinda smells exactly like the any cushion so i like it
  • quite easy to blend out but it doesn’t mean it dries too quickly.  the fact that it isn't  to watery but not as thick as bb cream makes is really easy to blend on to the skin
  • no puddles of foundation stuck visible on my large nose pores
  • doesn't oxidize  
  • doesn't break me out
  • shade match is well a match
  • doesn't melt off of my face  
  • doesn't smear off on to the rims of my glasses
  • almost matte finish but not matte - so our pinay folks who think dewy is oily, this cushion from Peripera will be well accepted here
  • has a pretty decent oil control no need to use olaf the powder to freshen up.  just need oil blotting films 
  • doesn't feel heavy on my skin even after 6 hours of wearing
  • high spf with pa of +++ so i can go out in the sunny street without fear
  • not expensive hehehe  
  • easy to take off at the end of the day
DISLIKES: none really.  it is what is is.  if Peripera ph or eh ph can't get the rights to sell their Disney stuff here on the islands then tough break for us.  You can try kkochipida if she can still find this for you.  
I like this.  it's better than the innissfree hehehe


StacieNoelle said...

Cool! Sayang hindi pwede ibenta sa PH, even the minnie mouse and disney princess ng etude house.

Marge said...

yep, only online resellers lang :-( licensing blah blah

lovely tajuna said...

super cute.. im waiting for kkochipida to have it.. hope it wil be available in ph too

Marge said...

good luck, it's almost the same as my beloved. this one has a slightly better coverage :-)

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