Sunday, November 9, 2014


Some of you may have heard that Heroine Make has made its way to our tropical island country  recently and apart from their awesome mineral bb cream, they arr selling this wonderful gem.  Hello 1.5mm pointed brow pencil!
The thing about blogging about Japanese and Korean cosmetic products is that when you buy them at their home country you don't get the English translation to the instructions and ingredients.  Thank Zeus for countries like the Philippines and Singapore lah!
ingredients y'all
the princess-y font embossed that isn't  easily rubbed off.
Sorry, i aint got no calliper but seems legit hahaha
and what it looks like
it stays that way so you can swim in this just probably not in a heated pool.
What my bare brow looks like
And a close up view of my brow after feather  in a few strokes to fill in the gaps.
As you can see i also moved up my top brow line just because i didn't want my brows to drown behind the top rims of my glasses.
and the finished look.  
  • tiny product that packs a wallop! 
  • a light hand is all you need for decent coverage which means this tiny product will last you a while 
  • which makes  your php350 and the awful trip and malling around  sm moa worth it since it'll be a long time before  you need to go back in that pit of people. (yes i prefer my sm megamall / sm north  / Robinson's  gale and trinoma...anything more south than Shangri la is too far from me)
  • seriously waterproof 
  • but easy enough to remove with makeup remover
  • doesn’t give me any skin or hair follicle irritation  
  • doesn't break easily 
  • was my travel buddy in Seoul because  it was so tiny it didn't take up any space or weight in my kikay kit
  • requires no sharpening - it's  a twisty
  • not pricy considering it's  a Japanese  product   (which are still pricey feeling sg price even if they're  what you call drugstore or roadside brand ahem mm ahem)
  • no weird scent - no waxy plastic-y scent
DISLIKES  - NONE - my loves listed above is pretty tough to argue with hehehe 


StacieNoelle said...

Wow! I still have no idea how to fill in my brows, I guess I should try a very very light hand :D I end up looking like a monkey whenever I try filling them in XD I still have a long way to go before really knowing makeup :)

Marge said...

trial and error like me lol

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