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It's always a good thing when a brand come up with new products.  It means that the company is alive and doesn't rest on their laurels.  It means that the company isn't relying on their successes to keep business going.  Why?  Because we, their customers change.  Our bodies change, we age, we have children, we get sick, we start taking medication that alter what our skins can take in.  So as a consumer it is good that one of my favorite brands always tries to see if my skin has changed and if that their new product will perform even better than their previous or current products.  In other words, tayo mismo yung nagbabago and these companies are adapting to us.  Pwedeng dating hindi drying yung bb cream nila dati sa iyo pero ngayon nagda dry na sya sa mukha mo.  So to keep these companies always try to reinvent themselves with new products like this one here.
This not a bb cream this is a foundation.  Having said this, then we are expecting more coverage and a product that last longer and is better suited for events or photo shoots.
Product description provided by the brand:
For a foundation that stays up with you the entire day, Etude House presents a new line of foundation for a healthy and flawless skin. It contains sea flower emelass and raffinose which helps contain moisture, while the coconut seed butter keeps skin glowing and vital.
#01 Pure
#02 Rosy
#03 Ivory
#04 Beige
#05 Sand
Unlike many foundations that are packaged in glass bottles.  This one to keep the cost down is in a plastic upside down tube.  This keeps the cost down by not needing a pump.  This keeps dispensation of the product hygienic because all you have to do is shake and squeeze the container a bit.  Compared to conventionally packaged foundations in a bottle where you have to buy a pump.  Having the tapered tube ending keeps you from squirting and spilling the product everywhere as well so this is a good travel buddy for those who travel and who are makeup artists who need to put these in travel cases.  it's also a rectangular container for easy storage compared to circular bottles or containers.
It's thicker than most foundations though.  It's not like Mac or Revlon foundations that are a bit more watery.
But look! my scar is almost completely covered and you can hardly see the green of my vein as well
As always the right half of my face has the foundation when I take the photos below.  While the left side of my face (the side with the mole under the left eye) has no product
While the below is the finished look.
So folks here's the thing. Foundations are for videos, events like weddings, graduations and any event that will have photo shoots.  While bb creams are for daily, DAILY wear for your skin care and sun protection and to keep yourself from looking like a zombie or somebody who should be sleeping or both.  Having said this and you can see from the pictures that the difference between this and the dozens of bb and cc creams I've already reviewed that this foundation has considerably more coverage.

  • packaging, as previously mentioned the common foundations are packaged in bottles without a pump.  The packaging of this foundation solves both problems.  This plastic packaging of this foundation will not shatter like glass would.  The upside down tube won't make you need a pump to dispense the product and it has the tapered tube tip so that your product won't spill easily.
  • the coverage, wow, it covered the scar on the back of my hand really well.  and the green of my vein on the back of my hand also significantly decreased
  • the finish is semi matte with very little dewy so this is good for many pinoys that think dewy is oily
  • it has sun protection the minimum of thirty, just don't go out mid day for too long
  • it smells nice, too
  • doesn't melt off my face
  • doesn't smudge doesn't crack, though i think that only happens to not so nice powder foundations
  • this is a lasting product.  because it doesn't melt or smear off, it lasts on my face an entire shift and a good part of the evening
  • shade match is almost perfect ;-)
  • doesn't feel heavy on my skin
  • it gave me a couple of zits, but i CAN blame my monthly hormones for that
  • is quite reflective on flash photography, so during events that aren't out in the sun, do go for foundations with just 6, 15 or 20 spf
  • can get difficult to blend, I end up having puddles of foundations on my nose [product stuck in my pig nose pores] and my fuzz, palahibo shows up so this is better to be used with a moist sponge
  • oil control isn't the best, but it isn't the worst either
So, foundations.  Sure you can wear them for everyday but there is hardly any foundation that is exactly alike.  There's the matte kind, there's the semi matte kind, there's the dewy kind, there's the ultra coverage kind and there's the go for the natural look kind.  This Stay Up one from Etude House is the made up going on a date kind.
Do I like bb creams more than I like foundations?  Not necessarily.  Like I keep saying in this post, there is a time and a place for everything and for foundations, they are for the occasions that you need more than what a bb cream can give, mainly coverage and lastability.

For more information, visit Etude House Philippines' official website at www.etudehouseph. Like Etude House Philippines on Facebook, follow @etudehousegirl on Twitter and @etudehousephilippines on Instagram for more updates and promos.


StacieNoelle said...

Cool! I never liked foundations because I feel like they are too "formal" and there are some foundations which really looks like makeup on my face. Not natural and really made up :P Which is why I usually prefer BBs but judging from the photos, this isn't a very "made up" foundation :)

Marge said...

i like the Japanese foundations. they look very natural and feel very light on the skin. this one by etude doesn’t feel heavy either. but yeah in the photos i managed to make it look natural on me. this is ok when you're not using the flash or if you have a good light reflector.

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