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For the twentieth anniversary of Laneige, I had a surprise from Laneige Philippines when they emailed to pick this beauty at one of their branches to try out the second iteration of their bb cushion.  As some of you know, the Laneige Snow BB Cushion is the first bb / cc cushion that i've tried, the first iteration of Laneige cushion product that I've dubbed as my beloved in one of my most viewed videos below:
But with any good thing, companies have to make them better.  Laneige has added pore control and whitening to their awesome bb cushion product.
As shown below as the 'new concept'
Still using the same awesome puffs that can be used with other liquid products for ease of blending and fine as in pinong finish like airbrushed finish [when used properly].
Instructions in case, just in case you need them.  Believe me, having been a CSR this long, I have taken calls that really do need instructions like what you see below.
A foundation / bb in a sponge in a compact ;-)
Blended, it has a yellow undertone.
Instructions on how to clean the puff, yep, follow the instructions specially the lukewarm water part.
the refill packaging also describes what the product is
Not sure about the soothing and whitening part, but I apply this when I'm in an airconditioned room or office so that might be the cause.  While it does not show on my skin if I grew even fairer.
Like the previous iteration, the snow bb cushion, this pore control bb cushion looks natural on me on normal lighting and manageable reflective qualities when the flash is on.
What it looks like when my face is all set with powder, too.  Although this should not be set with powder because as you can see, it makes a person looks too made up.
During my entire vacay in Seoul recently, I wore the Laneige BB Cushion everyday because it is the Laneige Cushion is what I use when I travel.  AND I AM ALWAYS GLAD I DO.  dibanoh? pantay sa kulay, walang floating white head, hindi nagkacrack, hindi nagrarun kung pawisan ako at tumagataktak sa pisngi ko yung pawis ko.  di rin natutunaw sa ilaw or sa phone.  di rin humahawa sa cord ng earphones ko.  there is though just one read til the end.
  • 2ne1 i mean 21 is my shade and it truly does suit me
  • easy to blend either with a brush or the puff provided
  • doesn't break me out
  • covers pores well with just one layer
  • stays put, doesn't melt off, doesn't sweat off, and doesn't fade through out the day
  • no need to retouch, just need to have oil blotting films to freshen up your face
  • isn't too reflective on flash photography
  • looks natural on normal lighting
  • has spf 50 with pa of +++ and yep, it did help me from getting tanned while I was in sunny Seoul. and the fact that the PA is actually indicated.  
  • easier to remove, i recall the original of this was as difficult to remove as the revlon colorstay with softplex
  • doesn't oxidize, the orange tint you see as I'm wearing the hanbok is due to the lighting and not the product going tangerine on me
  • because i was in seoul when using this, i had warm water at my disposal at the hotel's sink thus the puff is very much easier to launder, so yeah, warm up your water when washing your puffs
  • as before the compact, the fact that it is very much travel friendly and that it already has a mirror in it with a plastic lid separator makes this an ideal travel buddy.  who needs a bottle that can break more easily than this? foundation bottles usually don't have mirrors this does.
  • you don't need to be tied down to using the puff, synthetic or animal hair brushes can be used to dip into the sponge and be blended out on your face
  • no need to finish off with powder unless you're absolutely oily
  • looks very natural on my face without powder, and i only need to blot off with oil control film to freshen up, to look more made up for cocktails or an after work event, all I need to do is puff some powder and I'm cocktails ready 
  • finish is only semi dewy which is good for the tropical climate we have
  • it takes very little to cover my entire face
  • each purchase comes with a refill but is PhP1950.  so it's about 1k per. 
  • a 1 stop product, no need to apply foundation on top of this bb cream [to use this as a base]  the coverage provided by this bb cream is good enough to give my zit scar coverage like i applied concealer on it.
  • ADDENDUM: similar to its ver 1, this doesn’t oxidize on me either
  • ADDENDUM  2: it is water resistant  dunno about waterproof  but look the water avoids the area where i put the bb on >
  • after the release of their awesome cc cream, you'd think that they would start to sell the out of the production line bb cushions with the newer scent of the cc cream.  i prefer the scent of the Laneige CC cream.  (yes i get it, i think this came out a little before the cc cream, but what I mean is, from the time cc cream came out, i wish they started to use that scent on this bb cushion, too)
Apart from the scent, this new iteration of my beloved Laneige cushion still belong right up there with my favorites.  It has the right amount of dewy-ness [good finish on my skin], great sun protection, doesn't break me out, travel friendly, refillable, with easy to follow instructions.  

RECOMMENDATION: If I run out of all my cushion products, and Laneige Ph forgets all about me and not send me these, it is still this Laneige bb cushion I will purchase as my travel buddy foundation / sun protection, plain and simple.


CJ said...

UGHHHH I wannttt. It's great your face doesn't float with flash photography.

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Marge said...

thanks ;-)

Sandara Parker said...

Double eyelid glue? That's a great product, you don't need to undergo blepharoplasty surgery to have a double eyelid. Thanks for the share.

Zoe Cayetano said...

I love how natural it looks even with flash photography! I'm all up for that!


Marge said...

yep, my beloved it stays ๐Ÿ˜„

Marge said...

you're welcome ๐Ÿ˜„

Rubi said...

Hi! What shade are you in MAC? I am NC15-20 and I tried no. 21 and it's a bit dark while no. 13 is a bit light. What shade should I go for? Thanks!


Marge said...

hi my mac shade is also nc15-20 and mufe 115-117. yes the laneige 13 is just too bright so i just use the #21 on any face product they have

Lizzie said...

Does it oxidize throughout the day? It looks so natural! Like you're not wearing makeup. Your skin but better.

I've always used NARS Sheer Glow as my go to base but recently I've found it too heavy a coverage and I'm looking for something light. I've recently been venturing into Korean cosmetics and I'm looking at Laneige's BB cushion. I can't decide if I should go for the 13 or 21 and I'm in the shade Deauville for Sheer Glow.


Marge said...

hi Lizzie, this does not oxidize on me. this one has a slightly better coverage than its previous edition so it could very well be the veil-like (there but not too much) bb you're looking for. i think 21 is just right for me, my mac shade is nc15-20. good luck ๐Ÿ˜„

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