Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas From The Face Shop Philippines

The countdown continues and here's the second in my series of gift ideas sent over to me by friends from the Face Shop Philippines.  
For anyone who's into or familiar with Asian skin care, we know how face masks are popular and are used all over Asia.  This year we are being given a lovely gift set with a cute packaging with five of their top selling face masks.  This set is PhP295 and is the Real Nature Mask Sheet gift set.  Here's an idea, you can buy this gift one face mask to your office mate or classmate and reuse the nice box to put in more TFS products in there ;-)
The Cleanser & Mask Sheet Set - Acerola and Acai Berry 2 also at PhP295. There are two mask sheets here and a facial wash.  Like my suggestion above you can maximize this gift set as well.
We have other variants of these also at PhP295 per box set.
And for the guys out there, wanna make your girlfriend smile? Then get her this!  the Cushion Screencell.  It's on of the Face Shop's latest cushion products and this gift set comes with a refill!  I reviewed this product on this blog and my review can be found here.  This set is worth PhP1595.  Please bear in mind that you are basically getting two screencells.
For a complete list of the Face Shop's gift sets this year check out the below and their facebook page!
Remember, check your budget, make a list, do not deviate from your list and come to our favorite Korean beauty shops!


Francesca said...

Thanks for this review! I'm actually planning on buying a new liquid pen eyeliner so this was definitely helpful. :)

Marge said...

thanks, I hope you enjoy it as much as i do :-)

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