Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Some of you may know that I'm not much into gloss,  if you check out my blog for the last five years, I haven't really blogged about gloss as much as I've blogged about any other product.  Recently though, Tony Moly has expanded their lip lux glow gloss range to include about three more colors and I was lucky enough to try the #6 Dolly Red.
Product description is below from korea depart(dot)com
As with most Tony Moly product, this, too is packaged simply and with class.
We get instructions in English on how to use but no ingredient listing in English :-(  The bottle though is see through half way through. At least this way, you get to see if it's time to get a new one ;-) but it does last 18 months upon first use!
Swatches, it looks really pigmented doesn't it?
But it isn't really, not really. 
It just gives my lips a healthy sheen and glow.
This is great for our girls who really just want a natural look.  This is also great for our college and high school girls who aren't allowed to wear makeup in school but deserve to look like they're not an extra on the walking dead.
  • no weird taste, in fact it tastes kinda fruity so kissing will not be a turn off
  • doesn't give a sticky feeling
  • doesn't feel thick
  • so kissing will definitely not be a turn off because it won't be too obvious on the guys lips when you have this on your lips when you kiss him
  • DOES NOT give that white gunk that forms on your lips after wearing gloss and reapplying
  • gives a healthy hue on the lips, at least the #6 Dolly Red
  • this is a gloss not so much a tint but it was lasting enough even after a meal
  • didn't give me a mouth sore
  • packaging is simple and the user will b e able to see how much she has left once the content level gets to the middle downwards
  • now has 8 variants
  • available in the Philippines at your nearest Tony Moly stores and kiosks
  • not gunky at the opening of the bottle
  • it isn't drying on the lips either so i don't get flaky lips late in the day or the next day.
  • the applicator is not bad either, i just don't apply directly on my lips.  I apply on the back of my hand which i make sure is clean and use my pinky finger to apply the product on my lips.  this somehow ensures that the product will not get saliva and lip skin in the bottle.
  • a tad too pricey for a lip gloss
I like this lip gloss, it's not gunky. gunky glosses is the only reason why i don't wear these kinds of lip products.  Like i mentioned above this is great for our girls in high school and college who aren't allowed to wear makeup but need some kind of color on their lips the next day after a long night of studying and writing their term papers/theses.
So guys, this is a good gift this Christmas ;-) at least it's not over 1k right? :-)


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