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Kikaytrekkie's Best of 2014

I must admit, 2014 was not the loudest year from me.  I was busy with work and I was and still a little burned out.  But with all that I could blog and all the items I have yet to blog about the products that landed on my blog from 2014, i did come up with a small list of besties that I use to this day!
I know that most of you ask this so I'll put it up now.
Best BB Cream / CC Cream / Cushion:
This is a no brainer, despite the scent I am no longer a fan of and the fact that many pinays will find this reformulation too dewy for them in our humid and tropical climate [meaning that it's not as matte as the first version] I am a fan of the reformulated Laneige BB Cushion
It's still handy, provides me the glowy veil kind of coverage I prefer for everyday.
The Too Cool For School Dinoplast Cinema Cheek CC is my second best cc cream of the year.  It looks natural but gives a good glow that does not make you look like a disco ball!  The Shiseido Perfect Hydrating BB Cream comes a close third though

I've used a lot of liners by now and so far this is one of the best. I am still using this and it's still so awesome!  The Heroine Make Smooth Eyeliner Black.  The line is super fine and doesn't blot.  It's great for tight lining (or putting the ink in between your lashes) and awesome to build up your cat eye!  It's just perfect.

I'm super lazy but that doesn't mean just because this blush is on top of  the Too Cool For School Dinoplast Cinema Cheek CC is just 'hey it's there, i may as well use that!'.  On the contrary, i sometimes use other cc creams then use this cream blush! it's that nice. It looks orange-y on the pic but when applied it's peach-y pink on the cheeks.  It also doesn't go orange on the cheeks eventually, meaning it doesn't oxidize on me.  It just fades into a light pink.
My Favorite Red Lips does come from Etude House!
The Etude House Rose Tint Lips #1 - yes, Etude House updates their collection almost every quarter.  But I really do love how the red #1 is do deep and matte on my lips but didn't dry my lips at all.
A very comfy close second because it is really comfy to use on the lips without lip balm under it are my Mamonde Creamy Tint Balm.  Mom and I both love the #7
Skin Care:
I guess it's no surprise and it's too bad, too, that this one is really hard to afford, buti na lang matipid gamitin and I must admit I'm super glad I'm a tester blogger otherwise I would have been able to try this at all.  My most favorite skin care of 2014 is Shiseido's Ultimune
It gets absorbed by my skin quicky, it's in a good hygienic packaging.  I got less zits while consistently using this twice a day and my skin looked more radiant than when I used tsuya skin and as a bonus it smells really mild, too! I apply my Philosophy Hope in a Jar Oil Free Gel on top of the ultimune as the hope in a jar is my number 2 for skin care this year.

A Toner that I would ACTUALLY USE:
Some of you may have skimmed through my blog and how I've indicated that I'm just not a fan of astringent and toners because of their alcohol content.  But this gentle giant from Tony Moly I would actually use.  The Tony Moly Egg Pore Toner.  This thing is huge but don't let that scare you.  It's gentle on my aging skin and that is what I need to freshen up.
The above are the items that stood out for me last 2014.  There of course those that just didn't work out for me.
Some people may truly love this, so that just means it could just very well be my skin that it didn't work on.  
The Etude House Pearl Aura Brightening Essence.  It gave me a zit :-(
I also wasn't the greatest fan of the Too Cool For School Glam Rock Extreme Color Eyes Liner in Black.  It peels off.  So I gave it to my office mate.  AND SHE LOVES IT and uses it to this day.  so JUST BECAUSE I didn't like it doesn't mean it's absolutely awful.
And lastly, I'm also not a particular fan of this blush by Banila Co.  The Banila Co Wonder Punk in Preppie Coral.  The color just didn't work out on me.  It ends up oxidizing on me as well.  So this blush is in the back of the pile.  I wish I bought a pink blush from Banila Co instead :-(
Most of my 2014 kinda happened and bunched up.  Hubby and I went to Singapore for our second trip there. I got to attend events and blogging actually became profitable for me where I earned real money.  I never really had that in all my years of blogging.  Hubby and I also went back to Seoul for our most chill visit yet to Korea.  I had a few more events the last couple of months of the year and I won an Instax!
photo credit to TeamInstaxPH.  December was one of the best Holiday's I've had for a long time, too!  I was chill, not pestered too much except by a payment I was due, December was actually cheerful!  I got to see my blog mates and my former SciFi folks!  I haven't seen them since my blog got up and running!
Having said all that doesn't mean I was sad by the time I had to go back to work.  I was actually excited to start 2015.
I already have my blogging stuff lined up and I've a giveaway I'm hoping I am able to post and send out by Valentines, meaning I'm hoping the giveaway items will be in the hands of my winners by the time they celebrate Valentine's day ;-) so watch out 2015 I'm here and here to stay!


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