Thursday, January 8, 2015

SkinWhite Launches The #BetterMe Campaign & Captivate Council — Batch 2 for 2015!

We all want to look our best in most situations.  From going to class or the office, to going to mass or the park, we generally don’t want to look like we either have been partying too much or cramming for an exam the night before. We want to look fresh, healthy, and that we achieved this look effortlessly. Believe it or not, that a lot of hard work.  It also takes inner strength, a loving and supportive community and a happiness that gets you glowing from the inside!  For example, when you see a girl walk into and she’s smiling by herself because she’s thinking of her crush or she aced her exams or that she has new gadget, we say, uuyyy blooming! Yep, that glow, the blooming glow, it’s obvious because she’s happy! We all want this natural blooming glow specially now.

And because it’s the holiday season, the time we have been anticipating for soon after All Souls day, we want to look even better and be party ready.  We all get excited with the parties that come with the season.  But we all have our stressors, exams, deliverables and deadlines before everyone goes on vacation.  Some how we have to find a way to look our best!  We have to look our best for our selfies, our pictures on social media and even instant pictures!

Let’s be the better version of ourselves now and always with #BetterMe through the Captivate Council
With the #BetterMe campaign and the Captivate Council, let’s remind everyone, young and not so young what really matters and let us develop own inner confidence; we can all be kinder to others and ourselves. “What’s amazing is that we all have a wide network within our respective circles.

What is the Captivate Council?

The Captivate Council
 Initially launched in 2013, since then #BetterMe movement has become even bigger and better! SkinWhite held a casting call to scout for the loveliest and most inspiring girls for the second batch of the Captivate Council to help inspire even more teens. Approximately 500 aspiring teens from some of the most prestigious college campuses in the country auditioned, but only 25 girls were handpicked. What made these young ladies stand out and make this prestigious cut? Their accomplishments in school and ability to inspire others with their go-getting stay confident attitude made it easy for the panel to pick out the next batch of lovely girls to push the #BetterMe campaign and lifestyle.

Then what is the #BetterMe Campaign?
Under its “BetterMe” campaign, SkinWhite will help girls explore, embrace and enjoy being girls for the rest of the year through its Captivate Campus Tour.

    The SkinWhite Captivate Council. Twenty five girls who have the total captivating package of beauty, brains, personality and confidence are chosen as a member of the second SkinWhite Captivate Council. The members of the SkinWhite Captivate Council are entitled to attend different exclusive events such as

·         Fashion and Personality Development Seminar,
·         Make-over and photo shoot; a fun Spa Party
·         a How-to-Blog Seminar; a Fitness Party
·         and a Farewell Dinner

Everything is designed to make them become better individuals.

We take care of what is inside first!

What’s next?

Outer Confidence through Creating A #BetterLook

For November, it was all about teaching the Captivate Council to celebrate their unique beauty. Each member was treated to a fashion and beauty makeover where they were taught how to enhance their own individual assets and body type. To look even more gorgeous during their makeover shoot, the girls prepped their skin from head to toe by trying out samples of the SkinWhite Power Whitening Face Cream Powder (to score a powdery fresh, white glow on their complexion) and SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Lotion (for instantly whiter, brighter skin upon application). “Being part of the Captivate Council helps me love myself more, says Chrissa Taleon, 20, a student at the University of Santo Tomas. “I also noticed that my self-confidence grow the more I use the SkinWhite products. [Both these factors] motivate me to share and inspire other people—especially young girls

SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion,
P71 for 50ml, P123.25 for 75ml, P235 for 200ml.

Want noticeably whiter skin instantly upon application? This lotion uses an exclusive Advanced Tripower Technology to whiten instantly and continuously to help reveal your whitest white. It also contains a Vitanourish formula that’s spiked with vitamins B3, B5 and E to give your skin intense moisturization and protects you from UV rays and further skin darkening with SPF20.

With the sun protection factor and the scent of the SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion not only do we smell good, it keeps our skin protected from the sun making us feel more confident going out in the street and meet our friends and peers.   The application of this lotion gives a visibly whitening effect on the skin giving a look of fairer skin.  This adds to the growing inner confidence of our young ladies of today.

Skinwhite Power Whitening Face Cream Powder,
SRP P19 for 7g and SRP P69 for 20g.

The SkinWhite Power Whitening Face Cream Powder uses a unique technology that magically transforms this moisturizing cream into a light, matte powder once it touches your skin. This product uses Synchronized Whitening action through multiple actives to ensure you achieve beautiful blush white skin. You’ll love the Vitanourish formula that effectively softens and hydrates your skin!

Available in White, Light Beige, Rose White, and Natural Beige shades.

With the trending of bb and cc creams SkinWhite has come out with their Power Whitening Face Cream powder.  This product is the answer to the issues facing our young ladies of today.

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StacieNoelle said...

Cool! I've been thinking of getting that tonymoly toner or the wonder pore one from etude. I've used wonder pore before but it stings and "heats" up my face. As in literal umiinit mukha ko for a few seconds, then it fades :) I also want to try the heroine make eyeliner since my eyes are not eyeliner friendly XD

Marge said...

ay talaga? :-( waley ko ganyang effect nung gumagamit ko nung wonder pore :'( good luck though on the tony moly egg pore one. i reckon it's even more mild than the eh wonder pore :-)

StacieNoelle said...

really? better then :) yung sa wonder pore hindi naman oa yung init pero meron XD

Marge said...

yung init na nafifeel mo, pain yun because of the alcohol used on the wonder pore. be careful with those things ;-)

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