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ADDENDUM: iT radiant talaga? Hindi it's???
This is yet again, another Banila Co item that I wish I bought more of.  I thought it would just be pretty. But wait there's more!
I bought this in Seoul during my last visit, so the ingredients are in Hangul. 
I got the shimmering N shade or BP15.  It means beige pink, i don't know why it's BP when it could be PB? all i know that it makes our skin look shiny in the midst of the cold and dry season LOL
Like any other cushion, the product oozes out of the cushion provided.  This cc looks a little more tinted than the Dinoplatz CC from Too cool for School which I like, but a litte more tint is better.
 It's still the same it radiant cc cushion from bania co, only the packaging is different.

I like the fact that it's my skin but that it makes my skin glisten.
It's also not as reflective as the Dinoplatz from Too Cool for School which is always a better thing.
But even with all that shimmer, it looks natural but makes me look healthy but not overly made up.  You know them Koreans (and Japanese!) unless you're gonna be in a video they really do prefer natural, healthy and glistening.  Why?  Because when you have dry skin, your skin will look flat and dull.  But the illusion of shine and shimmer will make your skin look healthy.
  •  the formula.  I've tried and loved the Banila Co CC cream and reviewed it here, but i do prefer the formula used on this cc cushion than the original cc cream
  • the scent is pretty mild, not as strong as the scent used on my beloved
  • the finish.  OF COURSE the finish.  it's not too shimmery but it isn't matte either.  I also like how pale the tint is.  there is some color.  that color is just what i need to look not like i've just been bitten by a vampire
  • didn't break me out
  • covers pores well
  • doesn't sink in my pores
  • ACTUALLY has some oil control!  because it's the cold season, i guess my nose doesn't produce as much oil as it normally does -- OR the humidity doesn't collect on my nose as much as it does during the summer reason
  • in a travel compact
  • is refillable
  • has some spf but is not reflective at all even when i take a pic with the flash on 
  • packaging - because it's limited ed and all - usually it looks like the below:

  • on the pricey side - but that's because it is limited ed (orig packaging is about ₩25000)
  • not available here
In the six weeks straight that i've been using it, i didn't realize i've used it up! this is why once again, i am sorry i didn't buy the refill! So if you are going to buy remember it's really good and it has a refill! 


Stacie Chan said...

6 weeks and used up na :( Cushion do contain less product... I heard that the tint from this line is really good! So sad there's no Banila Co here in the Philippines.

パネライコピー said...

私の店への歓迎、パネライコピー時計を販売し、スーパーコピーパネライ時計代引きアクセサリーの様々な、 、 パネライコピー販売 ★N品質シリアル付きも有り 付属品完備!

Marge said...

oh yes, i have the lip tint. it is good, i'll review that soon :-)

Aya Mabalot said...

ho much was it in KRW? thanks

Marge said...

I bought two items at the spent about ₩50000 so this is around ₩30000 while the lip product is 20? Mga ganon. Parang ₩35000 itong cc cushion ;-)

Aya Mabalot said...

thanks po ate! Go na go na kasi this April and I'm listing down items that I want to check out.

Karla Lizardo said...

Hi Nixie, we have a focus group discussion on skin creams and essences. Would you be interested to join? If you are, I can introduce myself and our company to you and know more about it. You may email me at

Marge said...

I am not Nixie

Karla Lizardo said...

Oh sorry about that, Marge. I was browsing the skincare pages in FB and eventually came to your blog. I do see that you are interested in skincare. If you are and wish to share your opnions, do not hesitate to email me.

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