Sunday, February 15, 2015


I'm used to buying stuff online.  Specially on yesasia, kkochipida, amazon then ebay. Dati nung may multiply pa, i also bought from sellers there.  So i'm very used to buying online and i pay quickly because i have paypal and a credit card. Usually, when people post what they sell they don't dump 3 items with three prices in one post like the very first pic on this post. Ads usually look like this one below:
So i asked if the two items in the first picture using  the complete full title on their ad entry was still available. They said yes.

i even asked kung p1100 parin yung presyo.  They said yes din naman.  They only said that a certain color na lang is available. So go na ko right?
Based sa picture p1100 for the case and wireless charger kasi yun yung malaki presyo sa upper right hand ng ad nila?
So mali daw ako.  Pag dating ko sa st francis. P1650 daw yung wireless charger yung mismo na nasa picture posted? Wow ha may 1650 kayong nakita sa picture sa taas na yan?
Tapos may dumating na "may ari" daw ng msa gadget (the name of the store) sorry lang sinabi tas gusto na lumayas.  Then dumating yung mae, yung nag post, then nag explain sya na ganon nga, 3 items in one ad.  BUT the ad is for the case, the quick circle case, yun ang 1100.
I told them they wasted my time.  I reported this to olx, yet ako parin yung mali. I'm sure msa gadget has had many successful transactions and most of their stuff look legit.  That is not my point.
My point is this one particular ad, mae010995 posted.  Di ko gets kung bakit sa iba naman nilang ad posts one item per ad lang. Ito lang yung namumukod tangi na 3 item pala in one ad post tas di ko pa daw na gets na 1650 yung wireless charger nila eh 1600 naman yung charger sa screen shot ko (bottom price). Di ba sa decription dapat yung kulay? Yung size? Yung bigat? Kung san bansa galing? So bakit iba pang items with price sa description?
Leaving a feedback is useless.  Olx sided with this seller.  Oh well sa inyo na yang seller nyo.  This seller looks like they have good quality legit products.  Yun lang pag minalas ka like what happened to me you get a misleading post with a couple of maids mga chimay looking at you with the puzzled 'di ko po alam, ate?' expression on their face.  Naka filter naman yung picture nya dyan olx nya.  MAY GANA PANG SABIHAN AKO NA MAGBASA AKO. TAE TALAGA.  SILA MALABO MAG POST!


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