Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hi there! it's been a while since i've blogged!  I've been so busy at work that when I get home I do not want to turn on my personal computer anymore.  All I want to do is just watch the recent Korean dramas and latest episodes of the Arrow and the Flash hahaha.
But to break this lazy streak I wanted to share with you the difficulties I've been having with this mascara.
Yep, you read it right, difficulties I've been having with this mascara.  As per below, it's supposed to have this wonder brush wand.
It's PhP695 and Heroine Make is available at SM Department Stores, and Watson's at the Podium.
Description is below:  As always, for English reading folk, it's great to be in Singapore and the Philippines, otherwise, there'd be no sticker in English describing what this is and how to use it.
It also tells you about the multi angled bristled brush.  You have at the bottom straight edge is for voluminzing, the more concave/curved edge is for lengthening while the tip is something to catch the inner corners of your lashes and your bottom lashes.
the ingredients are below:
HOWEVER, here's what the brush looks like after you take it out of the tube.  I have to swipe off excess product [see the top or opening of the tube] off some tissue and waste it.
But once you do wipe off the excess product off the brush, it looks like this, no globs and blobs of product on it.  There will be still left over ink in the bristles and you can apply that on your lashes.
BUT IF YOU DON'T, if you just smear off the brush at the opening of the tube you'd end up with clumpy lashes like what i endure.  Sure, from afar they look thick and long but my lashes feel like they're stuck together which are.  It's supposed to be a triple wax formula so it's all in there,  the lengthening, the volumizing, the waterproofing, and curling.  WELL, NOW I KNOW why you can't have it all in one.  Otherwise you get uncomfortable lumpy lashes like what i have below.
  • no smell
  • dries quick enough
  • does not smear
  • does not melt off
  • does not cry off
  • keeps the curl
  • easy enough to remove with an oil based makeup remover
  • formula is really thick
  • this thickness can cause clumping 
  • requires smearing off the excess product on tissue or on the tip of the opening of the tube
  • once you do get the clump and because it's a good formula in keeping your curl, the roots of my lashes feel tugging and sometimes it can be really uncomfortable.   if you've ever woken up with a big as$ eye crust and it's stuck between your lashes then that what this feels like sometimes
For almost PhP700 bucks be my guest smearing off half the contents of the stuff on tissue to get a good performance out of it.


Trisha Dianne Soriano said...

The content of this article is quite informative. But reading an article with neon color font color is quite difficult.

Marge said...

Thank you for your feedback and for the effort in reading my article. Not to make excuses but my blog had a black background at the time i wrote this post. When i updated the theme on this blog it didn't update the font color which is vivid on a black background. I have now updated the font color on this article to be better on the eyes while reading/skimming through.

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