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I bet many of you are seeing reviews or people on instagram celebrating this new product from Etude House, huh?
I also reckon that a lot of you also know how the Korean and Japanese beauty industry like to push for the all natural look with a little glow, right?

Well, Etude House has come up with yet another product aims to give you a polished look to make you always camera ready yet not does not make you look like your parading for the flores de Mayo.
The promises below says it can give you a look like you've undergone some airbrushing or a filter.
So let's see!  Packaging looks innocent enough.  And it's promoting how picture ready you'll be when using this throughout the day.
Blur ingredients are on the box and in English.
The pump isn't the cheap type either.  Smooth flow with each squirt and doesn't feel thin and cheap to the touch.  So i don't end up with too much or too little product. I do wish though that the plastic container was a tad bit more see through so I'd know when the product is almost finished.
From the brand:
Beauty Shot Face Blur (Php 898.00)
Don’t you wish there was magic skin in real life? Beauty Shot Face Blur acts like photo
filters for your skin! It instantly gives selfie-ready complexion making skin smooth,
poreless, and bright that looks natural both on-screen and in real life.
Beauty Shot Face Blur has a 3-in-1 multi-filter effect just like on camera apps:
✦ Baby Pixel Powder or “Blur Powder” has super fine particles that make skin
smooth and soft while covering pores.
✦ Cover Powder hides skin imperfections and diffuses light for beautiful photos.
✦ Airy Skin Powder that are micro sized, controls sebum and covers the skin
lightly for a long lasting smooth face.
Tip: For perfect skin like Korean Stars pair it with Precious Mineral Any Cushion!

The product itself has a smooth, soft, and lotion type consistency and feel but not too watery but not too easy to dry up so it's easy to blend out and you have some time to blend out.
It has some coverage, well some.  it's like a cc cream.
oh if you're going to wear this, this should be the only thing you wear, i think :-(
I've tried many bb's and foundations to apply on top of the blur and I find that while the flash is not turned on it looks just fine in the pic.
BUT, when the flash is turned on, well,  the combination of the Blur product and any cushion will make your face too reflective for flash photography.  Even though I can pull off  having a very pale floating head, most of our Filipino sisters and sister-beks might not be as fortunate :-(
  • what i like about this product is its portability, the cap is stable and snug so you don't have those sudden mishaps of losing the cap because its loose, then all you get is a squirty mess in your makeup kit
  • the pump works really well, nice spring action and the plastic isn't too el cheapo
  • the scent is not overwhelming so our young girls can use it and the nuns and the old maid spinsters that are cruel who do not allow for any makeup can get away with wearing this because it doesn't smell like chin chun su so people won't know that you're behind them or umaaligid ka na.
  • lasting, the pore coverage seem to last me all day, except for that one time the a/c at the office didn't work, natunaw talaga ko nung araw na yun, tEh, josko
  • a good primer or base to make your foundations last even longer
  • didn't cause any break out or new black or white heads
  • doesn't feel heavy on the face
  • doesn't crack or cake up or run throughout the day
  • easy to remove with a facial wash
  • parang wala - when you apply it on your face and hardly anything noticeable happens - in that case then  why even apply it? well it's a primer
  • the spf 15, i'd prefer the product not to have spf at all since many of the products that is suggested to apply on top of the blur do have SPF and much higher at that so why bother? specially when it may just give more flash reflection from your face on your pictures
  • kinda pricey for an Etude House product
This product is for those people that just have to have something on their faces before going out even to go to the grocery. Frankly, I'm one of those people.  There are just those days that you don't want to apply anything on your face but do not want to look like you're going to the next walking dead zombie audition so this could be your product.  This Blur, some lip and cheek tint and you're essentially set to walk around and not get a head shot because some guy thought you're infected with the zombie virus :-/


Vin Domier said...

I know some who sell it for only 600+. It's a bit expensive here that's why I buy korean stuff through online sellers in Instagram straight from Korea. They're much more affordable and they give lots of free stuff po. (^.....^)

edelyn said...

I love this also^^ if im too lazy putting any makeups, i just apply face blur and put some lipstick and that's all..ready to go^^

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