Monday, April 13, 2015

GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Kikaytrekkie Makes and GIVES AWAY Candy in Made In Candy

Some of you may recall I posted this on my instagram a while back:
The good people behind Made in Candy Philippines invited me to get introduced to their company, their products and their promos.  Because I only ever see them make the string hard candies, i was pleasantly surprised that they can custom make lollipops as well.
They also make all sorts of shapes to your custom order and allow for different sizes of jars for keepsakes or gifts.
Think of your brand logo in candy! And voila you've got yourself a charming giveaway at company parties.
But first the process! You need your ingredients, your knives and your tables.
Check out their instructional videos.
And so the magic is revealed!
Now it's my turn in the kitchen!
The boiling hot syrup is now a dough-y substance that's laid out.
We follow a design and roll it up to get the right shape.
Excess or a chunk of what we rolled can be made into lollipop 🍭
After, we pull it. And pull and tug some more so we can begin the chopping!
That one blob of syrup sure made a LOT of candy!
I also got to bring home our creation and then some!
Phew! That was a lot of hard work putting together something special.  
We've got a give away for you!
regram my photo with Made in Candy  and tag @KIKAYTREKKIE and @madeincandyph with the ff hashtags: 
This is the instagram pic to regram 😍
This means:
  1. You need to have an instagram account.  During the giveaway your instagram should be in public mode
  2. You also need to have instarepost or regram app.
  3. You will need to follow my instagram @kikaytrekkie and must follow the  instagram of Made In Candy Philippines @madeincandyph 
  4. There will be 15 winners of the small jar with assorted candies inside. 10 of these winners will be picked out by little ole me
  5. You have until April 27 to join this giveaway
  6. Names will be picked randomly by the fruit machine
Good luck!
By the way check out the below:
 and pricing ;-)


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remember that epic moment when I've tried making candy for the first time.. hahaha.. love your quirky moves! and LOL those captions.. hontoni kawaiii!!! hahaha... Happy Thursday Ms. Marge! (^....^)

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