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ADDENDUM: Etude House Philippines Customer support have replied and confirmed that each lip balm is PhP498 and have extended their apologies for any inconvenience caused by the typographical error their initial press kit has caused. Thank you for your patience and for bringing this error to my attention.
It's here. My review on this wonderful product.  Etude House Philippines has these in stores for several months and I finally got to try it and review the two that I have.
Sugar TintBalm (Php348.00)
This lip balm and lip tint in one comes in vibrant colors to finish your summer look! It gently hugs your lips containing Jojoba Oil, Organic Argan Oil and vitamin E to immediately moisturize and maintain soft lips for long hours. Its special formula melts away dead skin cells, leaving only smooth and healthy lips! 
Available in 8 colors:
✦#1 Strawberry Milk
✦#5 Pink Macaron
✦#2 Cranberry Pie
✦#6 Grapefruit Tea
✦#3 Apple Kiss
✦#7 GrapeJam
✦#4 TomatoKetchup
✦#8 Blackberry Jam

I am very fortunate to have received the Grapefruit Tea and Cranberry Pie
I fell in love with the grapefruit tea shade upon opening the twist top tube cap.  Yep, unlike all the other lip balms and lip sticks there is an actual cork screw twist cap that keeps the lid on each lip balm secure unlike other lip balm or lip sticks that well do not.
Ingredients are below
And it swatches so perfectly to.  See the not oily gloss but has the slightly melon pink on the pomelo kinda pink pink? Love it noh??
While the cranberry pie is this just that the color of cranberries on a stick!
The ingredients are below.
And it swatches to a kind of red wine shade with some glimmer.
But the winner on my lips is cranberry pie. It has the tint i need the right amount of gloss but isnt heavy and doesn't make lines of my lips look obvious the way grapefruit tea does.
That's the thing with my complexion. My lips cant wear nude colors without making me look like i drank a pint of vinegar.

  • I am over the moon with the twisty cap why? Because i'm tired of picking through my bag for the balm and its cap somewhere in the bag but not securely screwed on my lip product
  • The taste - i like the taste it isnt a chemical taste
  • The scent - doesnt irritate my nose at all
  • The feel - not greasy, not heavy on the lips, and doesn't sting. 
  • Lasting - doesnt bleed and doesn't spead around into oblivion
  • DOES not giridiculous white line at the entrance of your lips really moisturizing lip balms or glosses do
  • Good range of shades
  • Available in the Philippines
  • A tad pricey for a lip balm people would rather buy lip balm for a hundred bucks
I am not one of those people who would rather buy the hundred peso lip balm with the tiny cap that i'll end up losing because its loose. I wont buy the hundred peso lip balm because of the white gunk it leaves on my lips after an hour. I also wont buy the garden variety ones for a hundred bucks because this one from Etude House taste and smell better.


Demi said...

Hi! First of all, I want to thank you for blogging! I love your blog huhu. I' ve been visiting it from time to time since I started taking a liking to cosmetics. You've convinced me to get the Laneige cushion and I'm saving up big time to buy it as my birthday gift for myself (lol forever alone). I just hope it works for me! Anyway I'm talking too much.

One thing though, the Sugar Tint Balm is actually 498! That'll be all, I hope you blog foreveeeer, haha <3

joonmyeoni said...

Hi! They're actually 498 Pesos each :)

Marge said...

Thanks. Post has been updated and EH Ph has apologized for the oversight in the typo error on the press kit sent 😀

Marge said...

Yep. They've apologized for the typo on the press kit they sent me. Thank you for taking the time to correct me on this. Most people wouldn't have cared but two of you did, for this i am glad that people ACTUALLY read my posts and not just visit my blog for my giveaways 😍

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